Bump Update!

Well I am feeling suitably embarrassed at the fact that I havent updated my blog in literally months! I have no excuses just plain bone idle I am afraid and have been doing other things far more interesting like going to see Saturday Night Fever at the theatre and meeting some lovely mums I met on the internet. I will attempt to update you on things if my poor pregnancy-challenged brain will allow me.

First I will start with a new bump update picture: Me at 27 weeks.

Grown somewhat since my last post havent I and starting to resemble Mr Greedy more and more everyday!!

Since I last posted we have had our 20 week scan. Everything was perfectly fine and it was wonderful to see the little bubba again, however in typical style the little imp wouldn’t sit still and kept covering up its face with its arms, so we never really managed to get a good picture! The fidget must take after its father! I also managed to resist the mega temptation to find out what sex Baby ‘M’ is so we now have to wait until January to discover this and every item of baby clothing I own is in a lovely shade of white or cream.

I found that the 2nd trimester was quite a dull time – after your 20 week scan, there really isn’t a lot else. Have had a midwife appointment – another different person and have to be perfectly honest I didn’t warm to her very much but its not forever. Heard the heartbeat again which was great and everything else was fine, blood pressure normal and of course when she tested the essential pot of pee that was all fine too (its so distressing when they hand that back to you).

After the 20 week scan I finally felt able to do proper baby shopping and started with much enthusiasm, however it has waned and I have now stagnated with what I have bought. So far we have enough baby clothes to get through the first week (didn’t want to get too many as I want to be able to go and get cute little dresses…oops or little boy clothes) some muslin clothes and a few bits and pieces for the nursery. I finally let Mr M start on the nursery last weekend – but I wont let him put the wallpaper up yet!

We are going to the Baby Show in London on 22nd October with our mums (god help us – both mums are in serious baby shopping mode) and we are having a mini 4D scan there and doing lots of shopping, and then on 4th November we are disappearing to Bluewater for the weekend to do all our Christmas shopping and finish off all the baby shopping – which will probably be minus the nursery furniture as I cant quite bring myself to spend the £1000 it is going to cost us!

No strange symptoms to report – had god-awful backache for a weeks where I almost couldn’t walk, still have lovely constipation and haven’t had a full nights sleep in months thanks to a bladder the size of a pea. I am also still waiting for my libido to come back with a vengeance and at some part I am sure I will starting blooming……. No cravings – which is majorly disappointing as I had all this visions of sending Mr M out in his PJ’s in the middle of the night for tuna and banana pizza – but I still drink 5/6 litres of apple juice a week and have developed a very strong sweet tooth, lovely!

I think thats probably enough for now – I cant imagine anyone is still reading this…..and if you are – stop slouching over that keyboard, sit up straight! Right I am off to do my pelvic floor exercises………..yeah right I am.

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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