My my, its been a whole week since I lasted posted. To be fair, not a lot has gone on in my world this week apart from the fact that I am as sick as the proverbial pooch. Yes, I have a stinky wretched cold, I have lost my voice (which some might say is a blessing from above..), I look like I have swallowed a few golf balls and my head feels like I have drank one to many glasses of Jacobs Creek. So I have resolved to spend this happy day, that being Friday, in bed. In bed, with my baby, my laptop and Jeremy Kyle. You’ve got to love wireless internet.

And why shouldn’t I spend all day in bed? My new domestic goddess/stepford wife/Anthea Turner regime has gone right out of the window this week so I will attempt to pick that up again on Monday when hopefully I will not be feeling like death warmed up and may actually have a little bit more get up and go in me. But then, I wouldn’t spend too long holding your breath. On the plus side, my golf ball glands prevent me from swallowing anything made from a substance thicker than water and I am hoping that the silver lining to feeling like a bag of crap will be that this will have a lovely positive effect on my mummy tummy. Here is hoping.

Here is to a day of daytime TV – Cash in the Attic, Bargain Hunt and my personal favourite – Car Booty. On another point, can anyone please tell me why every programme I watch on telly these days seems to contain one certain young chappy commonly (or not so commonly) known as Ben Fogle? I swear that guy stalks me through the TV channels – everytime I change the station there he is! Just looming out of the telly at me. Not that I am complaining, I find him pretty easy on the eye.

Thank heavens above for Sky TV where you can always find an episode of Friends, Will and Grace, or if you are really stuck, there is always Charmed.
And on that note, so I retire to bed…..

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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