Oh happy day!

The past few days, to put it bluntly have been pretty crap and I’m feeling fed up, for the following reasons.

1. Mr M’s Grandma died at the age of 88. Yes she had a long life but the last 30 years hadnt been particularly kind to her after she lost her husband in a tragic farming accident and at the age of 86 she gets cancer. She was in a lot of pain so its good that it is now over for her, but it still stinks.

2. Work are being investigated by those lovely people at HMR&C, which means my lovely peaceful maternity leave is being obliterated by answering tons of queries, digging out files out of the archive and generally trying to dig the company out of the rather large hole it has fallen into.
3. My daughter is still suffering from constipation which means I have had to take her off her hungry baby food which in turn means, no more uninterrupted sleep for me! The last few nights have been awful and I am like a walking zombie today, oh what I wouldn’t give for a good nights sleep.
4. Mr M has a stinking cold again, poor guy. He has been so ill over the past few weeks.

5. My friends from my ante natal class are coming round tomorrow for lunch (what do you put in a vegetarians sarnies, apart from cheese that is???) and the house looks like a cess pit. But I have no motivation.

I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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