A pain in the…

…tooth! Yes, we have a tooth. Me being the slummy mummy that I am was getting rather irate with little miss last night and after she had a raging hissy fit which was showing no signs of stopping I decided the only thing for it was to dunk her into the the bath to calm her down. Well this obviously did zilch to calm her but right there I spotted it, gleaming at me. Not so much a whole t-o-o-t-h as a ‘t’, but its well on its way and must have just broken through the skin.

I dosed her up with Medised (what a blessing that stuff is, it smells like strawberry Hubba Bubba and I was almost tempted to swig on it myself) and she settled down for a relatively good night sleep. I say relatively as for the past week she has decided to wake me up 6/7 times a night for her dummy – yes you did read that right, I said SIX TO SEVEN times a night, so to say I am ever so slightly sleep deprived is kind of an understatement. However, with the presentation of this little toothlet I am kind of hoping that the past week has been because of that work in progress, fingers crossed!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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