It wasn’t my intention to disappear from the Blogosphere however I was rudely ousted by my ISP who decided last week to go bust, meaning we had to be migrated over to another provider which caused a small amount of downtime. I was without access to the world wide web for almost the whole weekend, you can’t imagine what this did to me. I was a nervous wreck, I felt like my hands had been cut off, but the nice man who sorts out our network came and fixed it for us yesterday so life is back to normal and I am able to waste my life away reading blogs and chatting on Twitter again to my hearts content. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

It did of course mean I got to concentrate on real life and spent most of my evening yesterday covered in sticky tape due to a Christmas wrapping marathon. I’m extremely sorry to say I am only a 1/4 way through the wrapping process after spending three hours solid last night attacking the pile.

I have some blog updates which I was going to do over the weekend and will try and get going with them today. It’s a miserable Monday here in the West Midlands and aside from mounds of dirty laundry there’s not a whole lot else to do today.

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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  1. Eek – I couldn’t go a week without my internet (one reason I have an internet enabled phone so I can get my fix out and about) – would hate for people to realise just how addicted I actually am … LOL

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