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I realise that this might go down as one of the most boring blog posts in the world and I also realise that I am probably way behind the times but I only discovered the gorgeous Pip collection (which also led to me discovering Pip Studio) from Brian Yates today when wandering around town. I had a complete moment of I MUST HAVE IT (ignoring the £60 per roll price tag) until I realised that I have nowhere to put it. The only areas left to decorate in my house now is upstairs and the downside to living in a dorma bungalow is lack of wall space in the upstairs rooms. It’s really not worth wallpapering them so alas I shall have to admire from afar and I wanted to share them with you guys.
The first one is “Early Bird” and my personal favourite. I really need this in my life somewhere. Argh! The second is “Chinese Roses” and the third one is “Rosebud”. Each of these come in different colourways but these are my favourites.

Whilst swooning over Brian Yates wallpaper I also came across these beauties. They are all quite similar and I would imagine not to everyone’s tastes – I can safely say that they won’t be to Mr M’s taste at all. He’d probably think I’d gone stark raving loony if I suggested putting them up on the wall but a girl can dream can’t she?

In order: Anna French “Bird in the Bush”; Brewers “Boheme“; GP & J Baker “Songbird”; Monsoon “Isabelle”; Nina Campbell “Birdcage Walk”; Brewers “Lilou“.

All wallpapers are available from Wallpaper Direct

I just realised that Mr M hasn’t quite got around to putting the Laura Ashley wallpaper up in the lounge (I’ve only been waiting a year). Now I wonder…

love & kisses

Mrs M x

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