Home Decor: Little Girly Bedroom

I thought I’d just share some little snippets of the little misses new bedroom. I’m sure you’re all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting with baited breath…but really, you needn’t be, it’s not that exciting. However, my darling daughter adores it.

Background…the bedroom she was sleeping in hadn’t been decorated in probably ooh twenty years, I have no real idea and it was ropey to say the least. The bedroom revamp was no mean feat. It involved new insulation, the ceiling was pulled down, a doorway blocked up, a new doorway formed, the whole room was replastered and the rather handy Mr M built her a wardrobe. It has taken months to get done but done it is.

I really wanted to go all Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston/White Company twee-style but Mr M quite rightly pointed out that then I would be decorating it for me and not her. Spoilsport. In the end I think we found a happy balance between what I wanted and what she wanted – the little lady requested “spots and stripes and hearts and flowers in all colours” and I think that I achieved the kind of thing she wanted.

I’ve done a rather poor attempt at a Polyvore set (above) to show you some of the elements of her room. It all looks rather pink doesn’t it? but in fact it’s nowhere near as pinktastic in real life as you can see below.

We were really pleased to abide by our new family motto “Make Do & Mend” and most of her bedroom furniture was old stuff that we had laying around. The Lloyd Loom chair is an original that we painted white (once belonged to her great-great aunt) and the bedside table and chest of drawers were also given the makeover treatment by Mr M.

I hope you like it as much as she does, I’m really pleased with it and almost want to sleep in there myself. Next we’re moving on to the little fella’s room and finally, FINALLY, our bedroom might see a lick of paint. If you want to know where anything is from, do ask.

love & kisses

Mrs M x

8 Comments on “Home Decor: Little Girly Bedroom”

  1. You’re a far nicer mummy than I would be. My daughter would have got the Laura Ashley/White Company/Cath Kidston bedroom of *my* dreams and lumped it. Good job I only have a cat!!

  2. oh yes I am already struggling with small boys room – have agreed on a bed but thats it so far!! and horror of horror he wants a sonic the hedgehog duvet cover 🙁 can i hide it under the nice blue gingham one ive got already 😉 Lx

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