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I’ve been a big Disney fan all my life, as I child I collected and watched most of the films on VHS (which I am now well on my way to replacing with DVD due to the appearance of small children). so it stands to reason that my children are fans too.

The DVDs have been well loved – the favourites being Cars (my house is heaving with Cars related merchandise aside from the big blue helicopter, which to my 2 year old boy is like the golden chalice. I’m holding out on him though), Enchanted, Beauty & The Beast, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. The little lady is, as most 4 year old girls are, a huge fan of the Princesses. No shopping expedition to town is complete without a trip to the “Lightening McQueen shop” or The Disney Store as most people know it. Yes, the shop where I am swiftly cleaned out of £10 notes. Fortuntately the Disney Store stocks small little diecast cars and one of my favourite things, their £5 puzzles which are great quality, meaning I’m not always left completely stoney-broke.

Then at Christmas we had Sky TV installed and with it the arrival of Playhouse Disney. I was initially grateful to have something other than CBeebies to watch but of course now Playhouse Disney is the only channel that we are allowed to watch so now my days are filled with the Imagination Movers, Special Agent OSO and Little Einsteins (which I can’t help but like myself, especially the theme tune). Little Miss for whatever reason is not so keen on Jungle Junction.

So whilst pondering trips away this year I thought to myself that maybe Disneyland Paris might be a good break with the kids but looking into the cost I was a little shocked and figured maybe we’d be best saving the money towards our Florida trip in 2011. Yes, in 2011 we will be going to The Happiest Place on Earth and I can’t wait, even if it is going to cost the same as a small family car.

I’ve been to both Disneyland Paris and the Florida parks before pre-kids which goes some way to making my mind up. I last want to Paris in December 2001, it was brutally cold but nice to see the Christmas decorations and parade and the advantage was that it wasn’t that busy however I just didn’t like it that much, it just felt a bit like going to Alton Towers. This was back in the day when there was only the one park though, so I imagine it’s changed somewhat. Still my past experience leaves me hesitant. On the other hand, I went to Florida in October 2004 and had an amazing time (and I thought Bluewater was the happiest place on earth), spending 5 of my 10 days in a Disney resort (which I would totally recommend if only for the Magic Hours and Disney Transportation system which is fantastic). We stayed in a Disney Value resort which was fine but I am hoping for our 2011 trip we can at least stretch to a moderate resort as we will be spending the whole 10 days at Disney.

The decision needs to be made – do I spend upwards of £1,000 on a Disneyland Paris break for 2010 bearing in my mind I enjoyed it but didn’t love the experience last time or do I save the £1,000 towards our Florida holiday next year – money possibly going towards staying in a slightly nicer hotel?

Answers on a postcard please!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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  1. We are Disney fans but have never been! I’m hoping to take the kids when they are both old enough to appreciate it but not too old to be bored, so I reckon we’re looking at 4 to 5 years time and A LOT of saving.

    I’d save for Florida.


  2. It is amazing, well worth saving for – you’ll have a great time. We did and we didn’t even have kids at the time! My children will be 4.5 and almost 6 when we go next year.

  3. I’m going to Disneyland Paris in May for my honeymoon and I can’t wait. We went in June 2008 and it was absolutely amazing. The magically feeling as we entered the park was like nothing I’d felt before. That was where I got engaged too so it’s filled with happy memories and I may be slightly biased. However, my opinion is you should go to Paris. At the end of the day the hotel is just somewhere to sleep when your not out enjoying the park so upgrading isn’t essential 😉

    Whatever you decide, have fun xx

  4. Wow, what a fab honeymoon! I too was very excited – we got off the train at Marne-le-Valle and I nearly wet myself when I saw the gates! Enjoy your honeymoon.

  5. I’d say put the extra towards Florida.
    We were there in 2007 and I’m hoping one day before the smalls have left home I’ll be able to scrape the pennies together to take them back. Especially for big one to go to the new Harry Potter World at Universal. 🙂

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