Diet Update: Week One (Again!)

Yes, it’s been a few weeks since I did a diet update *cough* and here I am again, starting at the beginning because alas, when I fell off the wagon I never managed to get myself back on it again and so, the first two weeks of pain and torture were completely in vain as I am back to my start weight (actually I am at slightly more, but I have just literally eaten a huge roast dinner so probably not the best time to weigh myself, however I’ll be consistent – Sunday night is the new Saturday morning).

I bought some lovely new clothes for summer today – dresses and vest tops that really don’t work with a paunch so this has spurred me on.  I’m not one of those people that can size up, if I need a bigger size it’s means I’ve been too piggy so my new clothes are my motivation.  I want to be able to wear them on our break to Suffolk in May because the weather is going to glorious and I want to look fabulous, so that’s my aim.  I reckon 2lb a week would do it.

I have to do something about it so I am starting back again this week with a vengeance but what should make it slightly easier is that Mr M is joining me on the diet this time.  This means I don’t have to cook three different dinners and will make evening meals easier.  

The snag is this time around I am not going to really be able to do much exercise due to my upcoming knee surgery.  I am basically going to be out of exercising action for around 4-6 weeks, maybe longer depending on how the lateral release pans out.  I’ve just under two weeks until the surgery so I will try and get a good bit of exercise in before then.  In the meantime if anyone has any ideas of exercise I can have whilst recovering from knee surgery do let me know!

So here are the stats

Start Weight: 9st 1.5lb
Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Thigh: 20 inches 
Upper arm: 12 inches
Number of chins: Several

Goal Weight: 7st 12lb
I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to it, and I also have a pre-planned event at Pizza Express this week to get through, however I am determined this time I will lose the podge!  Hoping for a 2lb weight loss by next Sunday so watch this space.

love & kisses 
Mrs M x

5 Comments on “Diet Update: Week One (Again!)”

  1. Good luck. My future mother-in-law goes to Slimming World and gets on really well. She’s not able to do much exercise either but usually manages to lose a couple of pounds a week. She also really benefits from the support of the other members as it’s as much a social club as it is a diet group. I’m sure you’re new motivation will give you the boost you need.

  2. Good luck! I’m back on the diet wagon from tomorrow too (though I have a little more to lose than you). It’ll be worth the pain. It’s better be!

  3. Good luck – I have had a couple of weeks where I’ve fallen off the wagon too, I think you’re going to have motivated me to give it another go. I need to get some more of this baby weight to shift !

  4. Thanks for the comments. Day 1 has been okay so far. I could have chewed my own arms off at times but I’ve almost got through the day, the real test will be at Glee time tonight – I love a munchy snack when I am watching.

  5. for exercise before the operation i’d reccommend the pussycat dolls work out dvd (its on youtube in 6parts if you don’t want to buy it) it’s a great workout for the entire body and you get to dance,which I find is better encouragement than random stretching etc.good luck 🙂

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