The Gallery: Week 4: It’s all about me(me)…

Prompted by a Tweet from @cafebebe I followed a link to the Sticky Fingers blog and one of Tara’s gallery challenges. I decided it would be fun to join in, it’s nice getting to know other bloggers and I find that joining in with memes is a good way to do that!
The theme of this week’s challenge is “Me” and Tara wants to see a picture that reflects who we are. She did state it didn’t necessarily have to be a recent photo, it could be a photo of me as a child or even a body part (wink wink).

I hate having my photo taken and because of that, there is hardly any of me in existence – apart from our wedding day in 2009 where there are literally thousands, some of which I actually don’t hate so I was going to take the easy route and pick one of those but I decided to think about it a bit harder and have settled on this one.

This is ME! A little girl on a cold, windswept beach somewhere (possibly Barmouth?). I sometimes think I am still a little girl inside and the British coast is one of my favourite places to be so this is a good photo to represent who I am – a little girl, who loves playing on the beach and wearing pink 😉

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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