Writing Workshop: Knee Niggles

I’ve felt for a few days like I’ve lost my blogging mojo so prompted by
Karin at Cafe Bebe I am joining in with Josie’s writing workshop.

This week we have been invited to choose a prompt and I have chosen number 4 Tell me about a time your body let you down”.

I guess in truth my body hasn’t really let me down. I felt a little disappointed after the birth of my children, that for some reason my body just wasn’t able to naturally deliver my babies ,but I don’t feel it let me down as such as at the end of the process I still had healthy babies. More recently, I have felt let down by my knees. Odd one, I know.

I started feeling pain around my right knee in the run-up to Christmas 2009 and in January I decided to see my GP about it. I was referred to an Orthopaedic Surgeon who gave me an MRI scan and it turns out at the age of 30 I have Grade IV cartilage damage (that’s the worst it can be folks!), bursitis (housemaid’s knee *gaffaw*) and a tilted knee cap. All of the above means I am facing surgery on 1st April to help lessen the pain. My surgeon is going to shave away the dead cartilage and perform a lateral release (cutting through some tissue or something equally grim as that) to move my kneecap back to it’s rightful position.

Whilst I am not a particularly active person I am annoyed about how much the current aches and now the surgery is going to impact my life. Recovery from the lateral release can be apparently 3 months, sometimes a lot more and requires a lot of physio. My surgeon has told me that due to the cartilage damage – my knee is basically bone on bone – I will always feel some degree of pain. I know that people go through worse than this, I know in the scheme of things it’s nothing to whinge about but I do feel let down by my body, that at the age of 30 my knees are jiggered! I’ve never done anything to them to warrant such severe degradation and I am worried that in the future I am going to need the damn things replaced. I’m just hoping that the recovery is quick and doesn’t ruin all the plans we have made for this summer. I’m already having a mini-panic about how I am going to cope with the kids in the month or so after surgery, let alone not being able to practice my Katy Perry and Cyndi Lauper dance routines.

So, there it is. That’s my body let-down. I’ll give you an update after surgery in two weeks time (if I pass the MRSA swab test…)

love & kisses
Mrs M x

5 Comments on “Writing Workshop: Knee Niggles”

  1. Oh mate I do sympathise 🙁

    Pain is a big part of my life and it is so annoying when we’re still young and end up feeling like old ladies most of the time! I really hope that surgery helps. You’ll have a good moaning partner during your recovery if you need one anyway 😉

    My plan for surviving the summer involves a reclining deckchair and letting Kai run amok in the garden – I suggest the same for you!

    Hang in there. And thanks for your (very efficient!) post! x

  2. Ooh, crikey Mrs M – sounds a bit grim! Hope the surgery goes well and you make a speedy recovery. And don’t lose your blogging mojo – we’d miss you!

  3. I will think lots and lots of good thoughts that the surgery goes well and you are on the road to recovery in no time! Perhaps the Single Ladies dance should be part of your physio… 😉

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