Vintage at Goodwood 2010

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post all week but better late than never, huh.

Yes, I went to the first Vintage at Goodwood festival last weekend. I’m quite the regular at Goodwood events, mainly the Festival of Speed but I am also attending the Revival this September too. I happened across Vintage when booking tickets for the Revival and immediately thought it looked like something I would enjoy. I badgered Mr M into coming along and for the past few months have been eagerly awaiting the event.

Firstly, there was a lot of hype in the run up to the event and more recently a few seemingly disgruntled bloggers have been talking about what is wrong with the Vintage event. Apparently the Vintage team and their PR company haven’t been the most friendliest of people and have pushed a few bloggers noses out joint. It’s not nice to hear of people being treated badly and of course if this has happened then that’s out of order however a lot of the stuff I have read just comes across a bit bitter, mainly because they didn’t get free press passes. I fail to see why a blogger should get free press passes but perhaps that’s just me. Secondly the amount of what can only be described as snobbery from people who clearly see themselves as vintage connoisseurs is astounding – practically looking down their noses at the people who have flocked to the event because in their eyes they’re just doing fancy dress. For heaven’s sake. And for the sake of my blood pressure that’s all I am saying on that.

On to the event…! I was a little apprehensive due to the weather last weekend – typical British summertime, rain, rain and more rain was forecast and we were camping (alas, not glamping at Goodwood as I couldn’t really justify the cost), however in reality the rain wasn’t that bad and aside from a few quick showers, it was fine. Overall I was impressed with the event, although it was smaller than I thought it would be. It was great to walk around looking at people’s outfits – some people had made a real effort and there was a real good vibe, with everyone just seeming to have a really good time. I’m not going to witter on about everything that was at the event so quickly, here are the things I liked and didn’t like about Vintage at Goodwood.

The Good

The theming – a lot of thought had been put into the pop-up high street and it was very well done.

The toilets – clean and always had toilet paper, very refreshing!

It was a really “clean” event, litter was picked up swiftly, but then the people attending weren’t really the type to leave their garbage strewn around.

The vintage market sellers were good – there were lots of sellers there I had never heard of and there was a vast array of vintage clothing available and quite reasonable prices.

The Bad

The queues for the toilets. When will event organisers work out that women need more loos! Most women gave up and used the mens in the end.

We could’ve done with a bit more seating. There was a fair bit provided but it was still a struggle to find somewhere to park your bottom for a rest.

The pop-up high street shops were quite small and very busy. I think these could have been made a little bit bigger as some you just couldn’t get in for all the people, especially the ones set up as workshops.

The Ugly

The cost of food and drinks. The takeaway curry was indeed yummy, but it was also £8.50 for a portion that you had to eat out of a tin foil tray standing up. Tea and cake for two people cost £10.50. Bottles of pop were £2.00, burgers £4.50. I felt thorougly pillaged by the time we left.

The all important photos… (I didn’t take that many so they’re not fabulous)











I loved the Demon Drome riders. I’ve never seen a Wall of Death before and my heart felt like it was in my mouth the whole time. Excellent stuff. The roller disco looked pretty cool however due to my knee problems Mr M wouldn’t let me have a go so we just stuck to the fairground rides like the Super Skid which was SO FAST!

Next year I’d like to see it even bigger with perhaps a few more well-known bands and musicians to enjoy as well as a lot more dance lessons – these looked like great fun but there weren’t many of them. It would also be good to see more vintage homewares and random junk for sale rather than solely fashion. There were a few sellers that had some bits and pieces but on the whole it was clothes.

All in all, we had a great day. Yes there are a few teething problems but that’s to be expected. I think there is loads more the Vintage team could do and hope that in 2011 they come back with an even greater festival.

love & kisses
Mrs M x

PS A rather amusing moment was seeing some child’s welly fly off on on the Chairoplanes and wang an innocent passerby in the noggin. Okay, I shouldn’t laugh, but still… Oh and I also had two minor celeb spots – Patsy Palmer and Stacey from Gavin & Stacey fame. It took everything I had in me not to unleash my Celebrity Tourettes problem and start yelling “Rickaaaaay” and “Oh! What’s Occurin'”.

(Perhaps this PS should be removed as it’s showing how juvenile I actually am!)

6 Comments on “Vintage at Goodwood 2010”

  1. Ooh, thanks for posting this! I was planning to go to this next year and was wondering what the inside scoop is about the whole thing!

    It sounds really fab – hope they iron out the problems for next year’s shindig!

    Love your blog by the way. x

  2. Thank you Madame G! I also love your blog – I was directed to it by someone on Twitter when I was pondering about going to Camp Bestival next year! It was a good event but I imagine if they work hard on over the next year it will be even more incredible!

    Glad to hear I am not the only meanie laughing at the welly wanging incident.

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