[ENDED] Win a washing machine courtesy of Argos! [ENDED]

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you do a lot of washing every week, especially if you have rather mucky children like mine, and you need a decent machine that is up to the job don’t you? Well look no further as Argos do a fantastic selection of washing machines, from a great range of manufacturers to suit every budget.
In the meantime, today I am giving you the opportunity to get your hands on a brand new washing machine for free, courtesy of the lovely people at Argos.
Up for grabs is this fantastic Beko WME8227 Black Washing Machine which currently retails at £319.95.

It has a large 8kg load capacity so it’s perfect for doing all those family washes or for those awkward bulky items like curtains and duvets.  It has got a great energy efficiency rating too (A+) and has numerous programmes and features like start delay, a half load option, child lock and a hand wash cycle.
Here’s what to do…

If you would like to win this Beko washing machine all you need to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me why you need this new washing machine.
Please also send a quick email to me at athomewithmrsm@btinternet.com so that I am able to contact the winner.  After the giveaway has ended, your email address will be deleted and will not be used for any other purpose.
The giveaway is one entry per person and is open to UK residents only, sorry! The prize will be sent direct from Argos.
The giveaway will close on Friday 27th May 2011 at 5.00pm and the winner will be chose at random (using the Random Number Generator).
Good luck!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

349 Comments on “[ENDED] Win a washing machine courtesy of Argos! [ENDED]”

  1. Kerrrrrrrrrrrist, advertising for Argos! How much have sold out?

    Used to love your blog, but it’s utter bollocks now.

  2. Nice anonymous comment, would respect you a lot more if you just said who you were.

    I do not feel that I have “sold out” as I was not paid in any way for this post!

  3. Wow, what a great prize! Our washing machine has big bits of rust all over it and is not very pretty looking. This one looks amazing, plus it’s black so it would go nicely in our kithcen! 🙂

  4. Hi Mrs M, Id love this washing machine for my mother as hers leaks and is on its last legs, she is a lovely person and having a 10 year old who has endless dirty washing i think this would be an absolute god send! Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. My washing machine is breaking! It leaks everytime i use it, i keep calling my dad in to try fix it every week. I use the washing machine 4-6 times a day to get through all the laundry with my family and still struggle to keep up. I use re-useable nappies too. I cannot afford to replace it when this breaks and its worrying me so much as i use it so much! Please please please, i would put it to such good use!

  6. Hello, and thank you so much for this wonderful comp – and well done on such a lovely blog!

    My washing machine is old and as I have four young children and use it everyday, I don’t think it will last much longer!

    When I split up from my partner in Aberdeen and moved back down to Newcastle to be nearer my family, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to take the washing machine with me. Thing is – my kitchen is has light wood cupboards and doors with a black pebbled effect bench and tiles. Therefore my current white washer doesn’t really match. I love your black washer – it looks very unique and classy and something I could never afford as a single – so yes!!! – I would love to win!!!

    I have emailed you my contact details as requested xxx

    I am already a follower on Twitter and have tweeted xxx @TracyNixon

    I already follow your blog xxx

    I am already a fan on Facebook and have shared your great comp on my wall!

    Many thanks again for the lovely comp xxx

  7. Fantastic Giveaway!
    I need this washing machine as mine is on it’s last legs! The handle has been stuck back on with super glue the machine is called super silent but I think it forgot that little detail! When it spins the noise it makes is unbelievable-I’m surprised the neighbours haven’t reported me to the noise level council!

    I’ve emailed you for contact purposes

  8. I think it’s a great prize…and thanks for posting it!

    I’d love to win this. My washing machine has been fixed twice in the last 6 months by a great firm…the engineer told me ‘not to bother’ if it broke again because it’s beyond repair, and he’s set my spin to a lower speed! I’m on strict instructions not to put too much in either!!!! So you can see I really need a new one;)

  9. Ooh Mrs M are you in cahoots with the big corporations now. Still laughing hysterically at the thought of you having sold out ha ha!!!
    I would happily win a washing machine!

  10. Alas our washing machine is on its last legs, plus I think it is slowly rotting away! The smell from when it first empties the drum, wowwsie.

    Would love a new one.

  11. Well our washing machine is being a nightmare, we haven’t been able to use it the last couple of week as when we use it it starts to leak everywhere.
    The washing is really starting to pile up now.
    I’m loving the colour, it would really stand out in my kitchen.

  12. I would love to win this lovely washing machine as Ive been in my own house now for 6 months and still cannot afford a washing machine, It would be nice to be able to wash my clothes at my house instead of my mums !

  13. our washing machine is on its way out, paid so much repairing it lately, would love to win a new one, with 3 children a baby on the way and mine and my husbands washing to do we really could not be without one. thanks
    laura hayes

  14. OOh I need a new washing machine sooo much – 5 children and I work full time mine is so ancient I have had it for 13 years and the cycle is so long I just cant keep up with the washing – its been on my list of things to buy just about forever but there is always something else – I would beeeeeeee so so grateful I think I would cry for about a week xxx

  15. Gosh this would be fabulous as I am in dire need of a new washer to clean all my sweaty gym clothes, and going to the laundry-mat is getting really annoying!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  16. Hi I really need to win this machine as my machine is on its last legs. I have an autistic child who is incontinent and have to wash loads of clothes and dirty sheets everyday. It would be fabulous to win this as am a single parent on a low income.

  17. I would love a new washing machine as mine only works on one setting and I’m quite sure it doesn’t rinse properly. With 2 young boys (4 and 2) I do use it a lot too.

  18. Well I need a new washing machine because mine does a dance around the floor when on fast spin. It scares the life out of the cat lol. I darnt leave anything on top of it because of the serious movement.

  19. I need a washing machine as i’ve just bought my first property and really need money to buy household appliances. 🙂

  20. wow great prize and interesting blog too. Why do i need a new washing machine, well as its my 33rd bithday next week it would make a nice pressie as im sure my hubby will forget as usual and my current machine is by the looks of it the same age as me,and the same disposition as me too ie it works it gets by but its a little clunky and knackered.

  21. My washing machine hasn’t been the same since my underwired bra came apart, one of the underwires seems to have stuck in the mechanism somewhere (we still can’t find it) and it now seems to limp along instead of spinning.

    feefeegabor at googlemail.com

  22. If you’ve seen Arkwright’s till in ‘Open All Hours’, then you know what my washing machine is like.

  23. Just like me, the washing machine never stops – can’t replace me, but would love a new washing machine!

  24. Hello, I would love to win this Washing Machine for a Dear Friend, She is My Local coordinator for the Cats protection and Gives up all her time to Help Cats and Kittens in Need.
    She Never grumbles or moans and has 4 children in her house and her husband too.
    Her machine is Older then her Mariage and they have been Childhood Sweet hearts…so it Is Old.
    I would Love for Me to win this So i can give her a break and have something Done Nice for Her for a change as no one looks after My friend as she is “FAR TO BUSY” in her words .
    Thank you


  26. I Desperately need a new machine my is old and rusty and seems to eat my clothes. I work full time nad care for 2 of my children and 2 of my grandchildren full time and so a washing machine is essential. Thank you for the competition.

  27. My washing machine for the last few months has started smelling (rank) I’ve tried everything. Called the service engineer out twice, put it on several boil washes, added clean and clear products and still my clothes stink!!! Would love to win a replacement unable to afford as times are hard….

    I’ve tweeted & shared on FB & subscribed to your blog (mwha) please put me in the competition… thank you

  28. Nightmares getting duvet in machine wash without ripping it to shreds!
    Also great a bonus for delicates and cutting down on machine wash loads.


  29. Wow fantastic giveaway. I’d love a new washing machine as I have a friend who has been brave enough to leave a nasty relationship but has left with nothing but her kids. Would make her day to have something nice happen

  30. Mrs M I would love a new washing machine. My Mum is quite poorly now so double the washing. Current machine is over 15 years oldand just not up to to the job any more.

  31. My current machine has a few niggling health issues so is starting to worry me! This one looks great and has a larger capacity so that would be useful, as my sons get bigger so do their clothes!

  32. Excellent giveaway Mrs – I don’t think you’ve sold out at all being that you’re getting nothing for this! I NEED this washing machine as mine is quite old and battered and I’d love a fresh new appliance 🙂 my email address is illbefrancoise@gmail.com

  33. I’m saving up for a new kitchen as mine is over 25 years old and the washing machine is not far behind. This would go perfectly with my new units when I get them and would really give me a headstart. Thanks for the comp 🙂

  34. What does it matter what my name is? You won’t know me, I am just someone who has read your blog for quite a while.

    FTR my name is Helen.

  35. It doesn’t matter what your name is – I was just intrigued as to why you left an anonymous comment, I rarely receive anonymous comments so I presume you’ve never commented on anything before.

    Doesn’t matter either way, I don’t feel like I’ve sold out as Argos haven’t paid me in any way for this competition. I’m sorry you find my blog utter bollocks, but now you’ve established that, you need not waste any more of your time on it.

    We all have choices in life – you can choose which blogs you read and I can choose what I want to publish on my own site!

  36. My washing machine is a temperamental thing, sometimes it doesn’t even add any water!! It far from economical as it will only wash 1 towel or a few items of clothes at a time, otherwise it doesn’t clean them, so all I seem to be doing is washing clothes at the moment…….please help!!

    I follow you through google connect and facebook, plus I have sent you an email! 😀

  37. My machine has been broken for six months and I haven’t been able to save for a new one. Going to the laundrette is a nightmare, as is handwashing things! Make my year…

  38. id love to win as i have a son with ADHD and other learning and develpomental problems and this would come in very handy as he creates a lot of washing , and our old one is very ancient now lol would be a life saver to win x

  39. I need this washing machine because ours is very nearly dead. It was already old when we bought it second hand 4 years ago to ‘tide us over’ and now it’s got mould growing inside it that no amount of mould killers will get rid of and leaves black/brown streaks all over our clothes.

  40. I NEED to win this washing machine because I have 3 kids (2 of which are teenagers!) but I cannot do any washing at the moment because everytime I put a load in, I go in to the kitchen about 10 minutes later and the whole kitchen floor/hallway is completely flooded 🙁 Unfortunately I cant afford to get it fixed or to buy a new one, so to win this competition would be just the thing I need! x

  41. i’d love to win this washing machine as mine is on its lasts legs since my son decided to wash his transformer toy in it!

  42. I would love to win a new washer mine is on at least 4 times a day every day and clothes are no longer looking fresh actually im just waiting for the day it goes kaput lol

  43. Our washing machne broke a month ago and I have to wash all my families clothes in the bath and carry the washing up and down the stairs, so this prize would be fantastic.

  44. Dated and Rusty is not the way I want it to look.
    The drum is old and the cycles always shake.
    The seal is tatty and the clothes sometimes shred.
    Its about time that my washing machine gets laid to rest.
    As Argos proove they have the best.
    I would love a new machine or nice and pristine.
    For all my family and friends to admire.

  45. Thank you for another great competition, I keep my fingers krossed every time I enter, but never won, hope this time it will be my happy day. I need a new washing machine as I am expecting a baby and we need to replace our old washing machine as it started making funny noises and not rising propperly.

  46. i would love to win this stylish machine because my friend who is a single mother has now been without hers for 3weeks, she has had what could be the worst year ever with family illness and accidents and has carried on with a strength from somewhere, i try to support her the best i can but sometimes practical things are needed, this would make a monumentous difference to her life x

  47. Aww I’d love this washing machine. My current one is dying a very slow and painful (for us) death. 50% of the time it seems to have taken to travelling across the room when it’s on a spin and then in the other 50% of the time it simply conks out and doesn’t work for days on end which results tipping the machine to investigate any potential problems (not much fun in a house full of girls and who don’t have a notion about it). Very frustrating when you live in a house with a very messy 6 year old who seems to attract dirt to every single bit of clothing she owns, so a new machine would go down brilliantly!

  48. Its hard to admit, its a sad day I fear
    My trusty old washer is too old its clear
    No longer bright whites blowing on the washing line
    A new washer is needed Beko(I hope) will suit me just fine

  49. As much as I love our washing machine,
    It eats my socks and doesn’t clean,
    If I win the Beko in shiny black,
    My poor ol Hotpoint would get the sack!

  50. Great thing to do, ignore the troll.
    My machine seems to be reluctant to work properly, I’ve spent more time inside it fixing faults than ironing clean clothes for the past year, currently it’s cold washes only which doesn’t clean well. To put mucky clothes in a machine and have them come out clean and fresh would be ace, especially now I have a new way to really dirty them..an allotment, that’s gonna challenge this piece of junk I think 🙂

  51. I share a washing machine with 3 other housemates and goodness knows how many housemates before me have used it over the years but it’s looking a bit sorry for itself now. I’m a volunteer in the Royal Navy reserves and so always have a load of muddy kit to wash. They say everyone loves a girl in uniform but mines starting to look a bit like i’ve washed it in the local docks! If we could have a new machine so I look shipshape in time for Armed Forces Day i’d be one happy (and fresher smelling!) matelot 🙂

  52. Gosh I’d love this! My sicky newborn is creating a lot of extra washing and our 9 year old washing machine is struggling to cope and often protests by refusing to turn on!


  53. It would be great to have a machine that does not sound like an airplane taking off when it spins. A washing machine is a necessity in my house with 4 kids who seem to believe thier mission is to provide me with constant dirty laundry!

  54. oh yes please, whilst our’s isn’t on it’s last legs it isn’t a spring chicken either (15yr WM63 Hotpoint), so rather than wait for the commentators curse I would swap it straight away if won (my kitchen is black, so you can imagine how thrilled I’d be) thanx

  55. I would love to win this (rather masculine lol)washing machine for my nephew who is trying to set up his first home.

  56. I would love to win this competition as we don’t own a washing machine. It looks like a great washing machine, very generous of Argos.

  57. I would love to win as my little boy stuck loads of coins in my washing machine today and broke it – It was on it’s last legs anyway but we are saving for a house so couldn’t afford a new one just yet. x

  58. I would love to win this new washing machine as mine his packed in today and with 2 small children (one whos 5 and one who’s 3 months ) i’m going to struggle without one 🙁

  59. I would love a new washing machine because my house (or me) are jinxed. EVERYTHING packs in a matter of days out of their warranty, my washing machine is 11 months old!!! YIKES!!!

  60. Would like the machine for my mum, hers is jumping all around the kitchen and is about to conk out.

    Dee Dmonte
    email sent 🙂

  61. I’d definately get more than my moneys worth out of it thats for sure!
    Why do I need it? … because at the moment my families clothes seem to come out of my old knackered washning machine dirty than when they went in and thats saying something.
    thank you for running this competition very kind of you xxx

  62. I would love to win this washing machine as it would be a lovely surprise for my mother, who does all my washing and ironing for my family. she loves washing and ironing and must be the only person i know to love this chore. a new washing machine would be a fab present for me to give her (along with a nice bunch of flowers!)

  63. what a fab prize Mrs M, would love to win this as mine is on its last legs and is probably about to pack in plus it would give me a fab excuse to decorate my kitchen xXx

  64. Hi
    Would love to win this machine as me and son had to move 200 miles away from our home town and leave our few possessions behind…we’ve finally found an old roof to make our home for the short term, but we have no furniture; no white goods other than a small fridge and a hob with a broken oven.
    A washing machine will make our time here in this unknown area a little more bearable, and my son and i will be able to spend a bit more time together learning our new surroundings rather than mum, ie, me, being stuck over the bath every morning washing our clothes and bedding by hand. (Nearest laundrette = over two miles away)
    Totally unglamourous, totally time-consuming, totally damaged my hands and knuckles!

  65. Hey 🙂

    Our reason is this:
    Ours is quite a few years old now, and I’m always worried it’s going to leak again!
    It’s leaked several times and our not-so-old flooring has suffered a bit as water has gone underneath it 🙁

    Plus our kitchen units have also SWELLED due to the water when it’s leaked 🙁

    I dread to pull out the washing machine to see the damage behind it 🙁

    Sooner or later, I’m going to need to buy new flooring and new units 🙁 So far, they’re ok and nothing too bad, but I’m sure it will start to get mouldy or something??

    Plus, the washing machine door doesn’t close properly, and you have to push it hard and hold it there until the machine ‘clicks’ on and locks the door.

    I’ll email you my email address.
    Thank you for this.

    PS. IGNORE the bad comment!!!!!

  66. I would love this washing machine. Apart from ours being yonks old we bought it well before we had any thoughts of kids. Now we have a 2 year old (well nearly) and we are constantly having to do washes multiple times as ours hasn’t got a CHILD LOCK on it. We would absolutely love one with a child lock and this one does.
    John (@compsontwit – john.evans(at)evanswebdesign(dot)co(dot)uk)
    Here’s hoping

  67. I really need a new washing machine.
    For ages ive been finding little holes in my clothes and my kids clothes..
    I have just realised that its the washing machine that has been doing it..
    One of my bras came apart in it and the wire had wripped out the seal around the door..
    i now need a new washing machine, new tops new bra and some new kids clothes… grrrrr

  68. Fab prize!
    I done a load of washing and one of the items was a bra. Don’t know how but one of the wires from the cup of the bra came out and has now lodged itself inside the drum some where.
    Can’t see it but I now have the most irratating noise every time the machine is on. I think it has caught something on the back of the drum as it has slightly bent! Arrrrgghhh!
    How nice would it be to wash clothes silently!

  69. Well, my washing machine leaks all over the floor (I have to put down towels) when I use it and I’ve not got any money to replace it so looks like hand washing for me for the foreseeable future. To win this would really save my hands.

  70. I would love to win this washing machine as my old one is getting very tired and long in the tooth – she’s starting to groan a bit after 30 years of marriage

  71. I would love to win this washing machine as my washing machine is dying, i have to give it a good kick to get it started and it doesn’t spin all that well so clothes come out very wet and i have to wring them out by hand! I have bundles of washing to do daily as my husband is in the RAF and everyday i’m washing greens and blues as he comes home smelling of jet fuel- lovely. Thanks Mrs M

  72. Hello Mrs M, I did just post a comment but it doesn’t seem to have worked so here’s my post again 🙂
    I would love to win this washing machine as mine is on its way out, i have to give it a good kick to get it started and it doesn’t spin all that well so i have to wring out the washing by hand! I have bundles of washing to do daily as my husband is in the RAF and have lots of greens and blues to wash that smell of jet fuel- Lovely. Thank you x

  73. I would LOVE a new washing machine because our’s has something a bit loose (maybe a screw loose like the operator) inside and when it spins, it not only makes a horrendous noise but it walks across the kitchen which, while amusing at the start, is now annoying….

  74. I’d love to win a washing machine as my old one is totally shafted! It leaves grubby black marks on my whites. I am skint, as I am a housewife living off my husbands wage, raising two kids and our government have made the cost of living so high, I cannot afford to replace my washer. I’m considering prostitution…….LOL, save me from myself!!!!! hahaha

  75. Hey Mrs M!

    Our washing machine only works on quick wash and is very old. My mum needs is for her catering business and could really do with something she can rely on, as it would take some stress out of her day.

    Thanks for running the comp

    Sophia x

  76. I would love to win this washer, as mine is old and knackered, and being a housewife living on one wage I cant afford to replace, Our government have made it nigh on impossible to save with the cost of EATING let alone LIVING being so high. If I dont win, I will have to prostitute my body to earn the dosh hahahahaha…save me from my fate. x

  77. I wash at least 3 times most days, basically for every man and his dog, lol. My machine never lasts as long as everyone elses for this reason. I expect mine to go any time soon.

  78. my washer is on its last legs it has been dare i say it abused by kids cats dog and partners leaving screws and nails in there pockets , i hope the washing machine fairy takes pity on me here lol ! great prize thankyou for running th comp x

  79. I need this washing machine because the one i have at the moment is on its last legs literally! It does so much jumping and crashing when i set a wash – it sounds as though something is crashing through my kitchen! Please help me stop listening to this useless machine i have at the moment! 🙂

  80. My other half got her washing machine 10 years ago and it’s started to die 🙁 As we can’t afford a new one at the moment(& my OH won’t admit it’s not working till we can afford one) I’m having to hand wash all the clothes while she is out at work 🙁

  81. Wow this would be amazing gift for my family.

    Our machine broke down last year and we haven’t been able to afford another one (doesn’t help that our fridge seems like it’s going to break soon! Oh my days) so we either hand clean our clothes or go to the laundramatte to get our clothes cleaned since them, this would help so much and make our lives easier!

  82. Great prize, like so many other people have stated this is something everyone who has an old washing machine needs…including me.
    The little one is going through a bed wetting stage at the moment, so washing bedding has become almost a daily chore.
    My old machine is just about coping, not sure if it will take the strain much longer…this Beko WME8227 might just be the ticket.

  83. I’d love to win this not for myself but to give to my daughter. She’s coming out of a refuge in a couple of months wheres shes been with her children to escape her violent partner. She starting a whole new life and literally will have to start from scratch. This would be a dream come true for her.

  84. Miguel X said…

    Darth Vader of the washing machine world. I’ll not forget to do the washing ever again.

  85. great prize could do with this as my own one is so knackered and it doesnt help when son comes home from uni with 3 months of dirty washing

  86. I would love to win this washing machine has my fiance and i have just scrimp and save to buy a house but we cannot afford to buy anything for the house! i am on long term sick due to disability and this would really help us out xxx

  87. it would be great to win, my washing machine does work, well work is being a bit liberal. Firstly the door its lost a hinge so you have to sort of prop it shut, after mastering the door shutting you have to stand next to the thing holding in a button while moving the programe around. Just because one day it decided it didn’t like being a washing machine anymore!

  88. Montie Fletcher says …. My washing machine is a bit like the current government, not completely sure what its doing, it can make a lot of noise bang about alot but its not really achieving anything. Which is not really helping me and my family at all.

  89. What a great prize! I need this washing machine as I have had mine for 7 years now and it is starting to sound a bit iffy when washing a load- if it breaks I may be reduced to shaving my cats to make some clothes to wear whilst I hand-wash everything ;-P xx

  90. God how I need a new washing machine! Thanks for the great blog!
    With four children and working full time I struggle with me little 5kg capicity. With football training, matches, street dancing, horse riding and general out playing you can imaging the amount of clothes I have to wash all day – my old machine is knacked and makes so much noise its unbearable!
    Would loooooooooooooooove to have one of these!!!!


    i have a 3 year old potty training & a baby due in sept, my washing machine has decided that it only wants to do 90oc washes!!! arrggghh

    i have to go work tomorrow with trousers half way up my ankles lol
    emma xx

  92. We have a 20 month toddler and Iam a tradesman (but unfortunately I cant fix washing machines)so our washing machine is used atleast twice a day and is on its last legs! The tumble dryer part of it no longer works and its only a matter of time before the washing machine stops working too. My partner and I would love to win this fancy new machine.

  93. We are in the process of moving home and all of our kitchen/laundry machines are built into the units of our flat so we are having to buy everything we need as and when we can afford it. Winning this would be a huge help, especially with the amount of washing our 2 year old produces

  94. We’re a family of 5, witha 4yr old with a severe speech & language disorder {he cant speak 🙁 }, we dont have a washing machine & are trying hard to save for one, we do all our washing in the bath by hand, so a washing machine would be a great help & then we could use the savings to buy a tumble dryer.

  95. My son saves up his washing to do once a week and then is always determined to get it all in, in one go. I know that my machine will give up the ghost before long, but there’s no telling him. Men!! It looks as though the machine in your giveaway has a large capacity so that would be ideal for us.

  96. My washer is on it’s last legs ( like me lol!). We inherited it when we moved in to this house. It’s only a 5kg load and the poor thing has to cope with the washing from 4 scruffy folk ( well 3 plus me!)and is rusty and smelly and it’s time to send it to “washer heaven”. My kichen is black and white so the new Beko washer would look just dandy in it!

  97. What a stylish way to start a dull washing day, all we need is this continuous sunshine to dry it all. Then that would help toward a good day.

    Helen C

  98. i would love this washing machine as we do a lot of washing every day and this would be ideal, plus ours is breaking down now :o( please please, fab blog, thanks 🙂 x

  99. i would love to win a washing machine as i cant afford to buy a new one and this one looks ace. it would help with washing all the dirty clothes in this house – a big task!

  100. I would love to win as i have never had anything new in my life. Everything ive ever had in my kitchen, or in my house in general has been either a hand me down passed on from someone who doesnt want it or bought from a 2nd hand shop 🙁

    Im 25 and i try to have as much pride in my house as possible, but its hard when nothing has ever been just ‘mine’.

    thanks for the great comp.

  101. our washing machine has just broken down yet again but this time its going to cost more than i can afford would really ,really ,really love to win this will cross everything in hope ,good luck to everyone

  102. I have no way of replacing my broken rusty old one that you have to drain the water from yourself as it does not spin. The kids dads walked out and i have just lost my job due to ill heath so moneys never been tighter . I also lost my daughter recently 22.10.10 and could do with something happy going on : ) And winning this would be so exciting ! Donna x

  103. my washing machine is very old it has been good to me over the past years with 4 children 2 grandchildren and now another one on the way.
    This year I have been lucky enough for the council to give me a fab new kitchen now my washing machine looks shabby a black one would match the fab new worktop.

    thank you I will email you

  104. i desperately need a new washing machine, my own one is getting so old, it doesn`t matter what powders i use, be it Surf, or Fairy or Bold. It just doesn`t get my washing clean and it makes an awful racket. and if i don`t replace it soon i`m going to have to Sack it ;{

  105. I would love this washing machine, as ours is a hand me down from when me and my partner moved in together 5 years ago. I now have a 14month old, who loves to get dirty, and the machine we have now is really on its last legs, taking 2 hours to do a quick wash! We dont have any spare cash to put-a-side so this would be great!

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Jodie Taroni

  106. I deserve to win this washing machine, because mine was 2nd hand over 6 years ago, it has broken so many times that by watching the repair man I have taught myself how to fix it! the repair costs would have bought a new machine twice over by now. I’m just hoping next it is something I can fix because a family of 5 without a washine mashine aaaargrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  107. This super large capacity washing machine is just what I need to keep my teens clean! Is it just my kids or do all of them try something on then think it needs a wash???

  108. As Mr B decided to pop his football boots in our washing machine last night we now are minus a washing machine as he has broke the dam drum in it !! And yes he looked shocked , what does he expect placing footy boots in there so with a new baby, muddy hubby and grubby toddler a machine is desperatly needed and i must say ho stylish it looks in Black

  109. I’d love to win as I’m just about to buy a house and the boiler has broken just in time for my arrival so any saved pennies would be amazing right now!

  110. Argh, I just wrote out a post and think it disappeared during sign-in.

    My reason for wanting this is that I’m just about to buy a house and the boiler has packed in with impeccable timing (eek!) so any pennies I can save at the moment are very much appreciated!

  111. I REALLY need to win this!
    my machine is making funny noises and I can’t
    afford a new one. If I don’t win this I will have to hand wash stuff in the bath soon!

  112. Hey, really need the washing machine as my fiance’s washing machine’s door has fell off so he holds it up with boxes 🙁

    We’d need a new one for when we move into our flat, pretty please can we have it?

  113. Wow this washing machine would be amazing for me and my partner. We have finally got our deposit to buy our first house after saving solid for two years. But its now time to buy all the nessessary and this washing machine would mean one thing crossed off the list!!:D. love this site by the way!!

  114. Hi BertBoy here, Iam a precious cat. my owner (val)needs a new washing machine as the old one,not to put a too finer word on it has had it day, my bedding , which is so important for my naps doest wash properely nor smell to good POOEE.And her clothes are all a mess too, not a good look for me when iam the one on her knee!Have to go now dinner time.

  115. My washing machine is quite old (like me !) & keeps stopping (like me !) I have to stand beside it to re-start it constantly – it can take HOURS! I’d quite like to see the outside world again!

  116. My washing machine is on the blink,I’ll soon be scrubbing at the sink.Please save me from this dreadful fate,handwashing is a job i hate. Well done to Argos for coming up trumps.Save me from being down in the dumps!!!

  117. I would LOVE to win this washing machine as, apart from looking really cool, our washing machine leaves brown streaks all over the washing about every third wash so it has to be washed again! Very annoying.

  118. When I bought my last new washing machine, I fell for an expensive but useless guarantee. I bought the machine because it could do a full wash in 25 minutes, which I thought was awesome both for the environment and for my energy bills. Unfortunately, all the electronic gadgetry meant that when it needed repair, nobody knew how to fix it, and the “extended guarantee” would cost me £55 an hour for labour! So when it began its games on Christmas Eve (don’t they always?!) I just couldn’t afford or justify fixing it.

    I managed to buy a second hand one to tide me over, but this one takes two and a half environment-crunching hours to perform one wash. It sounds like a jet engine taking off, it doesn’t rinse properly, it won’t do a 95c wash, the parts are only obtainable vie Fred Flintstone and I just can’t manage a new one (although the Beko is a very affordable price, I have to say!)

  119. There once was a girl called Dawn,
    Who was feeling rather forlorn,
    She had no machine,
    To keep her clothes clean,
    So she washed them by hand when they’d been worn!

    I’m saving for a washing machine in my new house, at the moment everything is done by hand or dropped round to my mum’s so she can help me out. A new washing machine would be amazing and would mean that my poor mum isn’t having to do laundry for her 30 year old daughter anymore. Thanks.

  120. As a new mummy to Harry born in february i am trying to manage without a washing machine. I try and either use a launderette 2 miles away or give a bag of washing to family. I would love to win this machine as it would be a godsend

  121. I’d love a new washing machine because our one sounds like a rocket taking off when it’s spinning.We have people in our house that work nights so sleep during the day and also someone who is ill and sleeps during the day and it keeps waking them up.A new quieter version would solve the problem :).

  122. Hi, big competition- so many with so many needy stories– still – will share mine… i am now, since two years disabled- so i Have to do my laundry at home- the machine i have is 2nd hand, and nearly everytime i use it – during the spin – it bangs and bangs and bangs- The last time i did a wash- i had to stand in front of it- and put all my weight on top of it- to try and press it down, to minimalize the banging… each time i use it- it might be the last time it works! Cheers! Good luck to everyone! may the most in need win!! ;))

  123. I bought my faithful washing machine with my last paypacket before i had my triplets over ten years ago,it is now slowly dying and in its twilight years, i would love to win this machine as i cannot afford a new one ,,mrs m please send to me a brand new washing machine just for my three!

  124. reason one I have a messy 6 year old
    reason two I have a messy 15 month old
    reason three I have a broken machine
    reason four I have no money
    thanks for considering me jessws

  125. I would like to win the washing machine as I need all the brownie points I can when it comes to doing household chores, so if I won this my girlfriend would be so happy i’d probably get away with not having to do my share of the washing for a while!!!!

  126. Hi Mrs M

    I would really like this washing machine as I have just moved into a new place with my daughter and my old washing machine has finally died on me..unfortunatley i don’t have enough money to buy a new one at the moment and we are having to rely on friends to help us out with our washing which is lovely of them but it would be nice to have one of our own.

  127. well my mum muddled along without a washing machine saying she was fine, for a good 6 months, I managed to get her to give me some washing, and it was so eeewwww, I put it through 3 times, followed by an empty 90 degree wash, and my machine is now very poorly! -to add insult to injury, she complained her stuff wasn’t ironed, AND she now has a shiny new machine from her landlord!

  128. Really could do with a nice shiny new washing machine, do loads of washing a week and this black design is so smart, thanks

  129. we are moving in to our new home in august. we need to buy all our household items.this will be a great prize as 01 less thing we have to worry about. it looks great!!!

  130. I would like to win as i have a teenage son who likes to leave pens, sweets and chewing gum in his pockets. My washing machines is getting a bit stuffed up!

  131. Hi there

    My 4 yr old BabyMibs and I would really appreciate this as we have never owned a new washing machine, mine is currently literally being operated with the help of toothpicks to hold the power button on!
    It would definately speed up the washing I do for my neighbours and myself!
    Many thanks for running this fab cmpetition!

  132. I would love to have such a stylish and energy efficient machine gracing my home, washing the clothes white and clean as it purrs away efficiently and quietly – a design icon

  133. I don’t really deserve to win anymore than anyone else but I would be very happy to win as mine is definitely on the blink.

  134. Old one is dying a death but husband thinks it’s fine and until it floods the kitchen, won’t stump up for a new one, but that’s husbands for you!

  135. I would love a new washing machine as my current one is many years old and on it’s last legs. I think the element is starting to go as the water definitely isn’t as hot as it once was but until it breaks down completely I can’t justify buying a new one. Too many other priorities as the moment!

  136. Oh my goodness, what a great giveaway.

    I have been through 4 washing machines in the last 8ish years. Am I just unlucky, or am I just doing something wrong. This would be amazingly useful to win.

    Thanks for the opportunity


  137. My dear old mum has an ancient twin tub (20 odd years old) which is temperamental at best. I’d love to win her a more modern machine

  138. I need this washing machine as our current one has left our walls damp and mouldy, and they’re not even our walls as we rent!

  139. I wouldn’t worry about the winging comment from anonymous; you can’t please everyone all the time.

    I myself would love to thank you for the opportunity to win this fab washing machine.

    Working full time with three children at home my washing machine is on 24/7. I would really appreciate a new one as mine is on its last legs and sounds like an aircraft is taking off in the kitchen when it is in use.
    Keep up the good work

  140. I would love to win this washing machine, as my machine is currently ripping our clothes, I use a washing machine at least once a day due to the size of my family, and we just cannot afford to buy a new one

  141. i realy need a new washing machine as mine has just died on me as my lovely husband (wasnt calling him that at the time) left some nails in his work trousers and i forgot to check and well you can guess the rest not only has it ruined the machine but also my fave pair of jeans!! absolutley gutted!! so fingers crossed i win!!

  142. With a 2 month old baby & a husband who obsessively changes his socks twice a day I’ve forever got ours on but it’s so old it rattles & shakes & generally sounds like it’s going to break…not great with a sleeping baby! A smooth, quiet wash would be bliss!

  143. I need the washing machine to give to my sister because hers is on its very last legs and she can’t afford to replace it. As it is, she’s washing the bedding in the bath.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

    Diana Cotter

  144. I would love to win the washing machine as a present for my nan. For years she has done her washing using a twin tub in the cellar of her house but just recently she has had her kitchen re-vamped and now has space for a washing machine. This would make her life so much easier and I would love to give her something so fabulous!

  145. My washing machine seems to have changed into a cement mixer recently, tiny little tears in some clothes and really really loud when spinning. And that’s ignoring it jumping up and down and banging against the kitchen cupboards on either side… 🙁

  146. I’m sure there are people who ‘deserve’ this more than me, but oh my goodness I’d appreciate it! My washing machine is over 20yrs old and drives me crazy. Thanks for running this competition.

  147. After twenty years of fostering teenagers my washing machine is the worse for wear. I would be very grateful for a new one as my old one needs repair.

  148. We just bought our first house and are starting from scratch. It would be a great help to us if it was one thing we didn’t have to save and pay for.

  149. our washing machine has just broke, it locked all the school clothes in its drum and took ages to open the door. We now have to use the laundrette which is abour 15 miles away!!!

  150. I have a very old second hand washing machine. I could really really do with a new one.Please let it be me 🙂

  151. My eighteen year old washing machine died two weeks ago and I’m told it’s uneconomic to repair it. Unfortunately I’ve also been told my entire department is about to be closed and I may face redundancy, so I dare not spend money on a new machine. So this would be the answer to a prayer.

  152. I would like to win this washing machine because it looks fantastic it looks so much better than my beat up old rust bucket….and probably smells better too! Fingers toes etc crossed 🙂

  153. I need this washing machine because my current machine stinks! Seriously stinks! Have tried everything to rid it of the rotten wet washing smell but nothing works. Washing is OK and untouched by the smell if it is removed as soon as the washing cycle finishes. Leave it any longer than immediately then the smell transfers to the clean washing. Not just yuck but inconvenient too.

  154. I would love a new washing machine as my current one came from freecycle, and its done mighty fine for the last 3 years, But the power of a potty training toddlers washing seems to be draining it of the will to carry on and it now stops mid cycle and refuses to open!

    This is seriously a pain as said potty training toddler also has eczema and is sensitive to washing powder meaning a thorough rinse is a must to prevent a flare up!

  155. I would love a new washing machine as mine is getting to the stage where it leaves dirty marks on my clean clothes so defeats the object a little LOL

  156. I would love a new washing machine as mine is tempermental and sometimes forgets to drain. I opened the door the other morning and got completely soaked and flooded the kitchen, just before I left for work :O

  157. I always think getting a brand new shiney kitchen appliance kind of reinvents me as a domestic goddess! Added to that my trusty servant has started to make the foreboding sound of crashing metal as it goes through its cycles so I would be ecstatic if I won a new machine.

  158. My washing machine is not only dog earring my little boys school jumpers, making him look like a sendup of Oliver Twist, but the broken bottom cover hangs out which I of course stub my toe on on a daily basis!! Arghhh

  159. I need this washing machine because my old one is very energy inefficient and buying a new one is an expense that at the moment I cannot afford 🙁

  160. We would love this washing machine as we bought a delapidated house almost two years ago and have been doing it up ever since. As this is our first house not only are we slowly paying for the renovations but we need to furnish it too. (Grand Designs has a lot to answer for) This would really would make things much easier for us and make a couple of tired DIY’ers very very happy!!!

  161. I have the messiest children ever – they can’t keep clean for 10 minutes, so if I did win the washing machine, I can promise you it will have a long, happy, busy life!

  162. i would like this new machine becuase my current one doesnt clean the cat hairs off my shirts !

    i go to work looking like a cat with all the hair on my collar !!!!!

    who would have 2 cats and a rubbish washing machine?? (well me obviously!!)

  163. Sue Broad

    love to have a new washing machine as my one is dying under the amount of work i do with it
    Seems my family think its great to change clothes every five mins 🙂

  164. My machine is old and leaking, this black one would be a cool replacement as the washing machine has to go in the kitchen which is open plan. In other words looking at it from the living/dining area black would be fab iso boring old white!

  165. My washing machine is ancient, so could do with a new one especially as school hols coming up and kids will have more time to get muckier so more washing for me, good times x

  166. Like many other posters I have a young child who manages to get food, paint, anything else thats likely to stain, all over his clothes meaning a good efficient washing machine with a child lock would be a godsend.

  167. my old washing machine just died it was only 14 months old so in desperate need of a new one got a good neighbour (big thanks to pat) who has been kindly doing my washing for the past week untill i ive saved up for a new one. it be a godsend if i won this

  168. I would love a washing machine because me and my husband don’t actually own one! Our landlord is taking his property back soon, and it will be endless trips to the laundrette when we move :o(

  169. Would love to win a new washing machine! Ours has a healthy build up of mould on the rubber seal which (charmingly) comes off on our clean clothes. Our family smells like drains! 🙂

  170. I was clever enough to replace our washing machine with one that was so small I now have to use it twice as much. I thought I was saving money for our family of five, instead I assume I have wasted more energy and caused more damage to the enviroment then ever 🙁

    To win this would be awesome, and never again will I make a purchase something without my husbands supervision. I will never live this one down.

  171. I desperately need a new washing machine as my 2 year old has collected so many stones, sticks etc and hidden them in all his pockets its busted my machine!

  172. i need a new washing machine because my is broke have no money for new one my local laudette has closed down so have to wash every thing by hand sheet are so hard by hand please let me win

  173. I really need a new washing machines, as I I have just had twins so have tons of washing now, and my current washing machine is old, and just cant cope:( So please help!

  174. I would love to receive this new washing machine because I’m a “Mrs M” too and i am a full time working mum of two, who would appreciate something that would help make my life a little bit easier!

  175. I would love to win this as mine has broken, i am currently handwashing everything, i am also getting married next month so money is tight but i must buy or hopefully win one before we start trying for a family and the washing doubles lol

  176. I would so love to win this machine, the hadle broke off mine ages ago and my hubby somehow managed to fix the hadle so that we literally have to attach the handle each time we use it. It has started to be more difficult to attach as I think the joint bits are wearing thinner.I have photos if needed too.

    Many thanks


  177. I would like to win this for my boyfriend. His washing machine broke down a couple of years ago and he hasn’t managed to get one yet. Every week he has to trundle to the launderette. We live 3 hours train journey from each other so it means he can’t spend as much time with me on the weekends because he needs to do his wash.
    I think if I won this I would be a very popular girlfriend, plus when I move to be with him in the near future I will need a washing machine!!!

    Good Luck everyone 🙂

  178. I’d love a new washing machine, my current works for one wash then if you attempt to do another one after it stops and all the light flash on the front. Not ideal with a 4yr old who likes to get changed three times a day plus a 6mth old… oh mustn’t forget the husband (lol)

  179. well i probably don’t deserve it anymore than anyone else, but my current washing machine is old (6yrs) & i would love to have a brand new washing manchine.

  180. Hi, thank you for offering a very generous prize.

    The reason I’m entering is yes I do need a new washer, I’ll be honest & tell you I do have a washing machine which after 11 years service has not completely given up the ghost, however the spin seems to have gone haywire on it and my laundry is still dripping wet after the cycle has finished, I have tried to get it repaired but with the model being so old there is n way of getting it fixed.

    Thank you again

  181. The reason I’m entering is yes I do need a new washer, I’ll be honest & tell you I do have a washing machine which after 11 years service has not completely given up the ghost, however the spin seems to have gone haywire on it and my laundry is still dripping wet after the cycle has finished, I have tried to get it repaired but with the model being so old there is n way of getting it fixed.

    Thank you again

  182. With a house hold of 8 people and also washing for the inlaws my old Hoover machine has taken a pounding, it has had virtually every part replaced except the casing which is rusty at the bottom, wonder how much longer it will hang in, think it is time for the museum

  183. with 6 of us in the house my machine really takes a hammering its on at least twice a day. My youngest seems to see playing out as a challenge for the powder manufactuers as he comes back with every possible grass and mud stains on his clothes. Then theres the school and work uniforms – there isnt a person in our house that doesnt have to wear those.
    so you can see i’d definately put this prize to good use if i won.

  184. ahhh totally ignore that first comment, some people need to get a grip, your blog is still fab!!!! anyways my reason is simple, my washing machine decided to pack in this morning lol….wee baby on the way 16th sep so would rather spend the money on baby essentials:) x

  185. With three kids and a builder husband my washing machine gets so much use that sadly it is now on it’s last legs, It would be absolutely wonderful to win a new one 🙂

  186. i have given a very good home to a very old, very loved old machine for so long– it would just be nice to welcome a younger model into the home.( i am not talking about my husbang here. he is irreplaceable.)

  187. With a new baby on the way in 2 weeks and a washing machine on its last legs – I would LOVE to win this prize. Fingers xd x

    Jill M

  188. My son is due home from UNI soon and I know he will have saved all his washing to do for when he arrives home. my wahing machine has just given up and I am panicking!

  189. I have just had my 4th child and the ammount of washing i have is unbelievable, this would help so so much 🙂

  190. Our machine packed up nearly a year ago, and we’ve been visiting “Dot Cotton” at the launderette ever since! Can’t afford a new machine at the mo, so would be fab to win one.

  191. Hi Mrs M,
    Im not going to to plead my case here but would just say I could use a new washing machine having 2 children and a future hubby with very smelly socks lol! Mines not too perky anymore, I personally think the fiances socks have killed it off!
    Thanks for a wonderfull comp and keep up the good work. Lucy

  192. Hi Mrs M,
    Im not going to to plead my case here but would just say I could use a new washing machine having 2 children and a future hubby with very smelly socks lol! Mines not too perky anymore, I personally think the fiances socks have killed it off!
    Thanks for a wonderfull comp and keep up the good work. Lucy

  193. I would love to win this washing machine simply because I need a new one and in the current economic climate cannot afford one!
    Great comp by the way and also great blog.

  194. I would love to win this not for me but for my brother who lives on his own and does not have a washing machine. If I won and gave this to him then I could finally have my washing machine back to myself instead of having his washing here too lol

  195. I would love a new washing machine – the thought of having a quietish machine that doesnt shake the house down and make my kitchen a glamorous place to be once more 🙂

    2 teenage boys who let their washing fester needs a good machine with the ability of them being able to attempt to do it themselves.


  196. My girlfriend and i are looking at buying our 1st home. A new washing machine would cover the 1st mortgage payment at least. Then its just the other 299 payment to take care of ourselves. Wouldnt you like to pay off 0.33% of my mortgage? 🙂

  197. I would love to win this as my washing machine and tumble dryer unfortunately died on me on the same day.If i won this I could use the money I was saving to buy a tumble dryer which is much needed with a baby and an 8 year old.

  198. my washer as leaked twice all over the kitchen floor, my husband as taken it to bits and filled holes with some filler (he’s the best bodger i know)but it is only a matter of time when it just packs in altogether.
    i would love to win this . thanks

  199. Hi, I really need this washing machine because mine is very temperamental, it doesn’t want to do the cycle you put it on! Chooses its own! I can mess about with it for a good 10 mins to try get it right, and even then i’m not really sure if its listened. I keep expecting my clothes to come out 10 times smaller, Ha! Its a pain, and there is 4 of us to wash for too! Not to mention the ugly rust patches on the front, when its meant to be white.

  200. My old bendix 1000 is well past its use by date and has started giving me leccy shocks in protest at being kept from being reincarnated as a bag of washers.
    More comps please.

  201. I need this new washing machine as I really could do with something tall, dark and handsome to look at in my kitchen …

  202. Ok, here goes my sob story and I can promise you every word of it is true – but please read it with a wry smile and your tongue firmly in cheek because that’s how I’m treating it all 🙂

    I’ve had a little bit of bad luck recently -a couple of months, in the same week, I found out I was due to have brain surgery and I was also made redundant. Anyway I had the brain surgery – yay! And then I split up with my long term partner – not yay. Who decided to take virtually half the house contents – double not yay.

    So last week having lost my job, the car, both tellys, my dining table and chairs etc etc…..my washing machine blew up. Well it did the slow I’m going to boil your washing to 1000 degrees til its the hottest thing on earth! With my sons school uniform in it! LOL – seriously, it was the uniform that tipped me over the edge. So not only did I not have a washing machine I had to go buy uniform as well. Ho hum.

    Oh, it almost gets better. A friend really kindly gave me their washing machine. Which was plumbed in. And didn’t work. So the lovely washing machine repeair man came around and whistled through his teeth and said the circuit boards gone love, give it a go and see how it goes. So he charged me 20 quid and off he went. It washed ONE LOAD before it gave up completely. Name me one laundrette that charges you 20 quid to wash one load LOL.

    So there you are. I’m a woman on the edge and you have no idea
    1. How every singe bit of that is true
    2. How much I would love to win
    3. How since the washing machine broke I have managed to break the fridge door AND the Dyson


    Ah writing it all down is almost as good as therapy. Thansk for letting me offload 🙂

  203. never won anything at all in a comp so maybe this will be a 1st, oh did i mention i need a new washing machine because i just moved in2 a new rental!!!!!!

  204. I would love to win this as the one i have now is on its last legs, and have lost count of the times its had a service
    It does not wash well and does not have many features
    I would love a washing machine like this, energy efficient, numerous programmes and especially the half load option.
    It would be a godsend to wash the bulkier items with its 8kg capacity
    It would definitely make washing a whole lot easier for me

  205. I would love a new washing machine as the current one seems to be ripping clothes fromn time to time and this is extremely annoying but we dont have the pennies to replace it at the moment! 🙁

    We have tried things like smaller loads and it has been to no avail unfotrunately! m:(

  206. My machine is so old it’s nicknamed Dolly Mangle. A new machine would be electrifying! Following with GFC as Maisietoo. Twitter as @maisietoo

  207. Our current machine is on its way out – perfect timing as we have our first baby due in October! I understand through other mums that I am about to become ‘best friends’s with my machine and as a result we are desperate for a new one, but struggling to financially justify it as there is so much else to be buying!
    Winning this would make an amazing difference!

  208. I would love to win a new washing machine for my mum, as when mine broke down she did all my washing for me until I replaced mine!!
    Now hers has broken and she needs a replacement!!

    A Harrison

  209. I thin I we should win as we are about to foster disabled children and will need a new machine to deal with the extra washing

  210. I have been needing a new washing machine since last year. My old reliable washing machine has stopped cleaning the closes and has to have a kick to start. So please please please let me win.


  211. I would love to win this for my daughter who has 7 children and her washing machine has just broken this one would be perfect for her and would solve the nightmare that doing her laundry is at the moment.

  212. I would love this washing machine as it looks fantastic and as I’ve recently had to replace my microwave to a black one, it would match that too!


  213. Would so love it as I’m so missing my dear departed “mrs m” Ma’s emergency BLACK washing tumbles to the rescue ;_{

  214. Hi,
    I would really love this washing machine so i can gift it to my mum. The one she uses now is about 10 years old and keeps causing her problems like leaking everywhere and stopping mid cycle.It would be really nice to give her something she would find so useful as a thank you for..well everything really.

  215. Hi I would like to win this washing machine, as I have just moved back in with my mum to care for her and as you can imagine the washing is quite alot and the one we have now bless her is the same one she had when I were little. Sometimes the door sticks and sometimes it opens when all the water is in therefore making more work for no reason. Extremely grateful this chance has come up.
    Thanking you
    My email is ceefar_kj@live.com

  216. I’d love to win this washing machine as my boyfriend and I have just bought our first home, and have spent every last penny on the house, so when we move in we wont be able to afford furniture and appliances for a while (we’ll be sleeping ont he floor in a sleeping bag!)… so this washing machine would be incredible!

  217. my washing machine is 15 years old and i dont think it gets anything clean anymore – it just goes through the motions

  218. Would LOVE to win this! Mine is constantly breaking meaning that we have to wear smelly clothes for weeks on end 🙁

  219. Ooh I’d love this because it actually looks stylish and not just like a boring old washing machine. My current machine seems to launch itself into a frenzy, meaning I have to chase it half way across the kitchen, but doesnt really seem to do much cleaning!

  220. My washing machine keeps making holes in my clothes so I’m looking for a new one and this one in black looks great.

  221. I would Love a new washer as mine is rented as i have terrible luck with washers always seem to flood. It would actually be nice to own one again and save some money.

  222. I’ve never actually owned a washing machine, My mum taught me how to hand wash and dry and I’v e done that ever since, I’m 32!, this would make a refreshing change, exciting and new, just hope it has a manual? lol

  223. Have been trying to win a new one for absolutely ages. Mine is so fusty and mouly smelling despite following all the de-ponging tips and this is particularly nice.

  224. My 3 sons will be returning from university in June and bringing with them all their washing. This will include football kits that more than likely will have mud on from last September.There will be jeans that can stand up on their own. I can’t wait to see them but a washing machine that can take large loads would be wonderful.

  225. Thre are piles of dirty bibs and nappies piling up because my washing machine chose to break down yesterday and we have no money to get a new one ….mummy and daddy can wear mucky clothes but little baby needs to be clean.

  226. We are desperate for a new washing machine. All our clothes come out dirtier than they were and smell funny. We use the launderette mostly but we can’t get there all the time. The washing machine we have is already second hand and we’d love a new one!!

  227. I really need a new washing machine, there are six of us in our house and my present machine is definitely on the blink (clunk clunk as I speak).

  228. I would love to win as I have had to give up work to look after my disabled parents. We have very little money coming in and our washing machine is giving up after 18 years of stellar service. Clothes end up covered in rust stains from the drum which means they have to be washed next door.

  229. Hello.

    The Martin family would be over the moooooonnnnnnnn to win this wonderful washing machine, we are a family of 4 with another on the way, therefore an extra load of washing on the way! We were kindly donated the washing machine we have after ours just shut down one day, it is very old so we would love a nice sparkly new one (it would actually be our first brand new washing machine if we won), we would of course also donate our old washing machine to somebody else on who may need it.

    Hope you will consider us.

    Kindest Regards
    The Martins:
    Shelley, Roley, Isobella, Alfie and suprise bump xxxxx

  230. I am in desperate need of a new washing machine, my present one is on the blink and in need of serious repair.

  231. 2 teenage boys swimming/football and other activities. hubby wearing white shirts every day current washing machine having breakdown and increasingly can’t cope! would love to win a new larger capacity trendy one. about to send email 🙂

  232. I need a new washer because my current one is prevented from leaking through liberal use of electrical tape. *sigh* If only I was joking.

  233. I am hoping to get my mum back home soon. She suffers with alzheimers and since breaking her hip is fully dependent on others. I anticipate (sadly) there will be a whole heap of washing as part of the package (but worth it)

  234. I would love to win this washing machine because it looks really great, and ours is old and could do with replacing. It is noisy and uses loads of electricity! Great prize!

  235. Two toddlers = lots of washing. Current machine never gets a moments rest – more capacity will hopefully lead to less time washing and waiting for washes to finish!!

  236. My daughter is a trainee child nurse and now needs her uniforms washed daily and to a brilliant white – go the detergent, could do with the right machine

  237. My new house will need to be fitted out and a black washing machine will be in keeping with the utility design.

  238. well my washing machine has been doctored lol My dad had to buy a metal bracket and screw it to the big breeze block as it has broke in half and is so loud and not working to well so he has put the bracket on just to hold for the time being while i save for a new washing machine.

  239. I’d love to win this washing machine as it looks smart and would wash my families(there are 8 of us) clothes well

  240. I would love to win as I have been entering all sort of competitions and never won anything. I am not lucky in love so I should be lucky in game and win this washing machine.

  241. This is something I really need at the moment! My washing machine is seriously on its last legs. I honestly think the clothes come out dirtier than they went in half the time. It leaks, leaves scummy residue on our clothes (not nice!) and doesn’t spin properly. Unfortunately there is no money in the pot for a new one and so Iwould love to win. I’d like to be able to send my lovely boys to school wearing shirts that look clean. I’m embarrassed by my grimy whites.

  242. I would love to win a washer it would be a dream come true, as for the last 6 months i have been using my mums washer, which is such hassle waiting for my mum to do her washing then trapsing there and back. Would love to be able to relax.

  243. My machine just died on me,
    A load stuck in the drum,
    If I can’t get clothes washed for school,
    I’ll be a rubbish Mum.

    If I win I may even just leave the clothes in there when I take it for recycling!


  244. With 5 kids under 13, the time has come for a new machine to grace us with a perfect wash! Our rusty old toploader that leaved soap scum on everything and doesn’t spin is on it’s way out!


  245. I would love to win a washing machine because right now I am having my tiny kitchen done up and finally I will be able to fit a washing machine in, so winning this would be really handy because currently I am handwashing all my clothes in a bucket.

  246. I think Anonymous (he/she of the nasty comments) needs to go through on a cool wash

    I need a new washer as the dog’s hair has got into mine and gets on everything including my hospital uniform

  247. My horrid washing machine decides to eat my washing on a very random basis. It grabs at clothing, holds it tight between the rubber seal and drum and embeds melted rubber into the fabric. Always newer, favourite stuff, never the pants nearing the end of their days …:(

    (Am signed in to my Google account, but doesn’t seem to be registering…:( )

  248. This black machine would look very much at home in my recently new kitchen (beech with black worktops) and black/crome accessories.White goods are not doing it justice, but hey ho I can’t have everything or can I. Lol

  249. i really need a new washing machine mine is one my uncle gave me when i moved into my new house and he told me it makes a bit of noise when its on, what he didnt tell me was that it sounds like a aeroplane is taking off in my kitchen everytime i put it on and sounds like that for the whole cycle.

  250. Our machine is broken, it fails to drain properly and it’s a complete nightmare, especially having a 9month old son who gets out of the bath and within ten minutes looks as though he’s crawled out of a skip! (how do they do that?)! It would be fab to get a new one but as it is we just cant afford one. Thanks for the opporunity to win one, Hazel Christopher

  251. My washing machine leaks so the water ended up coming up under my tiles and now the whole lot is cracking and needs to be replaced.

  252. I’d like to win a washing machine coz it’s black & shiny and I can return the cheaper white version of the same model I just bought 😉

  253. Our current washing machine drives us quite irate & is just so way out of date.
    It leaks now & needs a good mend
    because at times it drives us right round the bend.
    The chance to win a new one will keep us happy
    & when the washing gets done properly
    we might not be so snappy.

  254. My washing machine is on its way out. it keeps making holes in the clothes. My husband states “there’s nothing wrong with it”. it’s good for a few more years! this would also look great in my new black and grey kitchen.

  255. We bought a used washing machine not too long ago and it seems to have some problems already. It is very loud on the spin cycle and tends to shake and move a little. The eco wash can take over 3 hours to wash clothes which is tooo long and tends to cause the most shaking on the machine. The quick 30 leaves the clothes all wet. I mainly use the delicate wash because the machine is less likely to shake (as much) and it takes an hour then I move it to the spin cycle which takes 21 minutes. Seems like a lot of work to do loads of laundry. My daughter, she is 3 years old and is a bit scared of our machine because it tends to move and make loud noises. I wash daily because my daughter loves art, is potty training and tends to soil her clothes easily. Also, our towels every other day, face and hand towels after one use, sheets, duvet covers weekly..
    spottedpage @twitter

  256. I’d love to win the new machine because then I wouldn’t be woken by ‘the thing that goes bump in the night’. I set my machine before I go to bed so it can run on the cheap energy rate and as it reaches the spin cycle it bounces around the kitchen and wakes the whole household!

  257. I would love this washing machine as mine makes funny noises,and no longer takes the fabric softner no matter how many times I clean it. I have three children under 7 and my partner was recently made redundant and I really cant afford to buy one.

  258. I would love to win this washing machine because I have recently moved to a new place with my fiance, we have been using an old second hand washing machine that decides not to work half the time and have to keep pressing the start/pause button making it take twice as long. We need to decorate the kitchen next and have decided on a black and silver theme so this washing machine would go so much better than the dirty white one we currently have!

  259. I reeeeeeaaally need a new washing machine as mine moves around the room when it’s on and makes such a loud noise!!

  260. I would love to win the washing machine because it’s a fab prize to be giving away and if I win I will give it to my mum to show her how much i appreciate her and everything she has done for me.

  261. after years and years and years of use our machine has started making some funny noises, the rubber seal is all withered getting clothes stuck and snagged ad all sorts!!
    After a broken car and laptop, its not on the list of things to replace at the mo..a new one would take all of our worried away!!

  262. I would love to win this washing machine. The door has broken on mine so my husband has had to stick a lump of wood and a bolt on the door so we can *kind of* close it. It still leaks every time I use it but until I save the money or am lucky enough to win a new one it does the job. (just!)

  263. I need this new washing machine as I am a new mum and am amazed at how much washing our new arrival is creating. Not ideal when your washing machine is over 10 years old and not as quick or efficient as it could be. Having a new washer would make all the washing so much easier for me.

  264. we havent had much luck since i met my partner three years ago …his mother died then the car, the fridge,freezer then the bed fell to bits and the carpets needed replaced. now the washing machine is on the way out.it dont spin and if it does it sounds like concord taking off!. im not in the best of health and am sick of mopping water off the kitchen floor

    I hear everyday!
    “But why is that!”
    I hear you say!
    Well,my trusty old washer –
    Offender of noise,
    Which I’ve had for years,
    has given plenty of joys.
    It once washed great-
    All my whites, white!
    It’s now turned against me
    I swear it is spite!
    I think it is tired,
    Fed up of hard slog,
    Washing 6 kid’s clothes daily,
    It works like a dog!
    And on top of the mountains,
    Of the kids muck and grime,
    It has to contend with
    my husbands filth crimes!
    A mechanic by trade
    His clothes are pure black
    If it had arms I’m sure,
    It would give him a WHACK!
    So I am – on behalf of my washer,
    Pleading its case,
    Its had enough of us,
    And wants a new one to take its place!

  266. I would love to win this washing machine. I think they look so much more stylish in black.

    I need to win this mashing machine because the handle has gone on mine and I am having to open it with a pair of scissors each time the cycle ends. One day I fear this will not work and my smalls will be stuck inside for ever

    Penny Stephens

  267. @amanda_bc2000
    I’d give it to my mum as hers is leaking and I don’t think it’s going to last much longer!

  268. looks like a good machine if i won maybe i should learn to use it what a surprise for the wife that would be,

  269. I could do with a new washing machine because mine is really old and very over used.It makes a terrible noise and is uneconomical.As I try to be ecofriendly a new washing machine like this would use less energy and wash at a lower temperature.

  270. I would love this lovely washing machine because we’ve never had a brand new one and it would be really appreciated . My Mum would scream like a loon if I was your lucky winner ! You have to hit our machine to make it start and I’ve broken a finger through doing so =( NOT GOOD ! We’ve used cellotape to stick it together at the top and when it’s on a cycle it spins out of control , it’s so loud you can’t hear the tv AND IT STINKS OF DRAINS ! Just awful x

    I’ve sent required email and signed up to your page .

    Thanks for this chance to win x

  271. Not sure I can really tell a sob story, but I work hard with an old machine to keep our clothes clean. This new one would help me out a lot and would save some cash as it would eat less energy.

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