Creamy Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti

Technically this should be called “….with prosciutto” because I strayed from the original recipe when I found a pack of prosciutto languishing in the bottom of the fridge.
I had earmarked this recipe as a quick, after work kind of tea as it looked simple and easy to throw together, and it was. It was also very tasty. It’s the kind of meal where you can play around with the ingredients a bit – hence the prosciutto. I also used two types of mushrooms, instead of just button mushrooms as the recipe suggested, I added some chestnut mushrooms that I had left in the fridge from yesterdays dinner. It worked really well. The result was very tasty and satisfying and I’ll definitely make it again.
The recipe below will serve 2 hungry people!
Creamy Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti


200g spaghetti
2tbsp olive oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 small onion, finely chopped
200g button mushrooms
150g chestnut mushrooms, sliced
pack of prosciutto (roughly 100g), chopped/ripped
200ml vegetable stock
200ml white wine
5 heaped tbsp reduced-fat creme fraiche

In a large pan of boiling water, cook the spaghetti according to the packet instructions, drain and set aside.
Heat 2tbsp of olive oil in a large non-stick frying pan or wok. Fry the chopped onion and garlic for 3-4 minutes until soft and then add the mushrooms and prosciutto. Cook until the mushrooms have softened and are browning slightly.

Pour in the stock and wine, simmer until the sauce starts to reduce and thicken. Spoon in the creme fraiche and mix in the drained spaghetti. Heat through gently (do not boil) and serve immediately.
Couldn’t really be simpler!
love & kisses
Mrs M x

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