Meal Planning Monday (18th June 2012)

Sorry, I am a little late putting up the Meal Planning Monday post today. I’ve been caught up doing grocery shopping in Waitrose this morning and have finally sat down with a cup of tea!

Has anyone found summer yet? No? I just looked at the forecast and it appears this rain is here until the weekend at least. I’m totally fed-up of it now. I’m such a summer sunshine girl and this weather has really dampened my spirits recently.

In other news the dieting went okay last week. I weighed myself this morning and had a 1.5lb weight loss, which isn’t radical by any means but it’s going the right way huh? Especially as I had Dominos pizza on Friday, a big steak dinner yesterday and wasn’t exactly low-carbing for the past few days. I’m happy with that weight loss as I’ve always been told a healthy loss is 1-2lb per week.

This weeks sees me trying to carry on as I’ve started – low-fat breakfast and lunch with a relatively healthy dinner with minimal carbs on the side. I just can’t resist a bit of potato, bread or rice so I’m just trying to have a tiny amount.

This weeks plan looks like this;

Chicken fajitas
Chicken salad with a citrus chilli dressing
Vegetable balti (leftovers from last week)
Soup & bread

and one night I am eating out. I have the recipe for vegetable balti to post this week, it was an old WeightWatchers recipe so a good one if you’re dieting!

The Linky is below so please add your meal planning posts! Look forward to seeing what you are cooking up.

11 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (18th June 2012)”

  1. We have summer ‘ish’ here today so will send some your way. It’s sunny as I planned soup for tonight!!! Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea 🙂

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