Our day out at Lollibop

At the weekend we took the children down to Regent’s Park in London for the Lollibop Festival. I’d heard a lot about the festival last year and so was keen to give it a try ourselves. Slightly tired from the day befores shenanigans (V Festival), we drove down to North London and got the tube into Camden Town to make the short walk to Regent’s Park. I have to say the children were most excited about their first ever trip on the London Underground, for a moment I thought it would end up being the highlight of the day!

We made our way into the festival and had a little mooch around. We had the free map that was handed out to us on entry but we decided to play it by ear and not try to do too much or keep running from one place to another. As you know, we’ve recently been to Camp Bestival so seeing Shrek and The Gruffalo wasn’t high on our agenda as we’d already experienced these recently. I’ll tell you what was high on our agenda though – Moshi Monsters!

I’d already told the children that there were Moshi Monsters in attendance so they were primed and ready for this and as soon as they caught a glimpse of the Moshi Monsters area, we were dragged off.  I didn’t mind, I secretly love them too. My children are a little young for the Mash Up Tournament, they collect the cards but they’re not entirely sure what to do with them, so we didn’t go in there but they did join in with some of the games and were lucky enough to come away with some Moshi prizes and trading cards. We were also accosted by a young man with special Moshi stickers and he gave me a top secret card that enables us to get involved in future testing of games etc.

His name is Furi. Apparently.
And then of course there was the Moshi Bus. I think this has been a bit of a bone of contention with some fesitval goers as the Moshi Bus is basically a retail shop. They didn’t make any secret of this, informing you both on the website and also in person on the day before you queued up. Even so, there was always a largeish queue and there was no way my children weren’t going in. I’d already prepared myself for this though and I wasn’t go to bring them all this way and then begrudge them some spending money so with their maximum allocated budget of £10 each they trotted in and then whizzed off down the slide at the back of the bus!

Once you’re in Lollibop, all the activities are free which includes face painting. Face painting is always popular and there was a bit of a queue but the girls were so speedy and there was actually at least three face painting tents there so you didn’t wait long. There were other activities to take part in like various types of crafting, the Mini Maker workshops with B&Q and the Halfords Bike City. My son was desperate to get a go on the bikes but unfortunately you had to book a slot and there were all full by the time we got round there.

It was a very hot day when we visited and we mainly spent the day wandering and stopping every now and again to watch things like Horrible Histories (my little lady’s favourite) as well as Dick & Dom and some crazy street theatre.  Another big hit was Titan the Robot. My son could have gladly spent the day following him around all day and even I was quite impressed with his Cry Me A River routine. 

There were a few other stalls selling goods, lots of them handmade but I avoided having to buy bubble guns (very popular) and the animal tails that we’d first seen at Camp Bestival. I did at least enquire about prices this time but £15-30 for a furry animal tale on a piece of elastic seemed a bit excessive to me! 

Toilets were plentiful and clean with toilet paper and hand sanitiser always available, which I think is crucial with the little children. There were lots of food stalls and places to get a cool drink and many of them had special meals for children available.

There really was so much to do and somehow we managed to miss out the Roald Dahl tent, gutted! I don’t we made a dent on half of what there was to see and get involved with however the heat and humidity made us all a bit lack-lustre I’m afraid and eating ice-cream whilst watching men blowing up rubber gloves and flinging around toilet rolls was activity enough!

We really enjoyed our Lollibop Festival experience and I’m sure we’ll return next year!

With thanks to Lollibop, who provided a family pass for the event.

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