A foggy day, in London town…

Actually, I lie. It wasn’t foggy at all (it was rather grey though) but that song has been stuck in my head since the weekend so now I am passing the ear-worm on to you. You can thank me later.

Yes, at the weekend, the M family descended on London to take a trip on the London Eye and a River Cruise courtesy of a voucher that the nice people at Mr Kipling sent me way back in April – it’s taken me this long to use it!

The children were so excited to go on the London Eye – in fact they just love London so much and were very sad when it was time to go home. I’ve been on the London Eye before so it didn’t really wow me in the same way, but saying that London wows me every time I go there – definitely one of my favourite places in the world and by far the best city that ever there was.

It is pretty amazing to that you can see so many of London’s landmarks at once. I tried pointing out many of them to my children, but my son seems unable to see past the end of his nose. After about 10 minutes of me explaining he did finally spot Buckingham Palace!

There was a quick stop for lunch at Pizza Express at the Royal Festival Hall. Which of course included desserts – apart from myself, who showed massive restraint by only consuming a 500 calorie Leggara pizza and NO dessert. Harrumph.

Followed by a gently but nippy cruise down the River Thames. We just about snuck a peak at MI6 which I was hoping would EXPLODE Skyfall style but alas, I realised I wasn’t Judi Dench and it was unlikely to happen before turning round and cruising towards the City and taking in buildings such as the Tower of London (my favourite place in London), St Pauls, Canary Wharf in the distance and the new Shard building.

I particularly loved this view – three great London landmarks from one view point!

My son thoroughly loved the commentary on the boat, listened intently to the guide and asked lots of questions so I definitely want to find a way of encouraging him and plan to take lots more trips to London as it clearly captivates him. My daughter enjoyed the day too but she’s not quite as enthusiastic about things as my son. She’d be more likely to get excited over the food hall at Selfridges or Harrods (girl after my own heart…).

We all had a lovely day and it was nice to just take time out and do something fun for the day.

Have you been on the London Eye? What’s your favourite London landmark?