Black Forest Bonanza

If I had to pick a flavour combination that I absolutely love it would be cherry and chocolate. Cherry and almond would come a close second but cherry and chocolate, specifically Black Forest, is probably the thing I find most irresistible. 

My love for Black Forest means I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. If I am at a cafe or a restaurant and there is something on the menu is called “Black Forest”, there’s no way I am leaving without having tried it. I had to resist every urge not to buy on of Heston’s Black Forest Buche’s at Waitrose the other day.  Black Forest cake comes from the German dessert Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte which basically means Black Forest cherry torte. Germany has never really appealed to me as a holiday destination but if it means I can eat Black Forest goodies by the truckload I may consider it in the future. 

This Christmas I’ve decided to make something Black Forest for dessert or a sweet treat. I’m vague because I have no idea what yet and I’m hoping to find some inspiration on the web over the next few days. Although I am now thinking I should go back and get Heston’s Buche  (not a euphemism) as at £12 it was probably cheaper than what I will end up spending on ingredients. I already have kirsch though so I am good to go!

In case you’re also a Black Forest lover, I am sharing some inspiration below. They all look yummy and I can’t make my mind up what kind of thing I want to make, but at the moment, the truffle tart is looking like the front runner.

From top:

Black Forest Parfait from
Black Forest Truffle Tart from
Double Chocolate Black Forest Cake from
Black Forest Pancakes from
Black Forest Cupcakes from

Anyone else feeling hungry now?

I’m off to look for more inspiration for my Christmas dessert!

The images have all come via Pinterest. I have clicked through and visited the original websites, and I’ve tried very hard to credit the correct people so if anything is wrong please let me know and I will correct immediately.
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