The return of the Recipe Link Party (Jan ’13)

Last February some of my readers remember I started the Recipe Link Party. I carried it on for 7-8 months but it wasn’t really the rip-roaring success I had hoped. Nonetheless, I’ve had people ask me where it’s gone so I’ve decided, new year, new start and I’d try it again.

Basically the idea behind the monthly Recipe Link Party is to showcase what people have been cooking each month – as a bit of a sister to the Meal Planning Monday posts I write each week.   Lots of my readers like cooking and some of my favourite recipes have been found through other people’s blogs – they’re my best source of inspiration when it comes to meal planning but sometimes looking through blogs takes time and when I created the monthly Recipe Link Party I was hope that people would link up their recipes and others would find inspiration and ideas of amazing new things to cook.

So what I do is this. I put up a new link party post at the start of each month, and at the start of the following month, I write a blog post featuring some of recipes submitted, with a new linky underneath to kick off the next Recipe Link Party.

As per last time, there are no real rules. Just this.

You can submit as many recipes as like. 
You don’t have to write a specific post for the link party. 
Make sure you link to the post, not your homepage.

Grab the image above if you like and stick it on your blog. 
Put the image or text-link to the link party in your recipe post if you want to
I’d appreciate it and it all helps to spread the word and get others involved. 

Please try to visit a couple of the blogs that link up.
I will attempt to visit & comment on all that I can.

And really that’s it. 

So here goes nothing. The linky for January 2013 is below and it will be open until 31st January 2013. All I need for you to do now is submit your recipes and at the beginning of February I’ll showcase some of my favourite submissions.

If you got any questions about anything, drop me an email (details on my contact page) or @ me on Twitter @madamding – am really hoping to get more people joining in this time!

Thanks for your time!

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