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When I was asked if I’d like to review a new product, the Masha, I was a little bit meh. I mean, why do I need an electronic gadget for mashing – I have several perfectly good manual tools for mashing and also have hand blenders etc which could probably do a similar job. What was the Masha going to do for me that would make this any easier?

Let me start by telling you about the Masha. The Masha is designed to give you perfect mash – whether you are using potato, swede, carrot, sweet potato or butternut squash, but apart from mash it also has many other uses. You can use it to mix up batters, cake mixes, make whipped cream, chunky soups, dips and of course if you have a tiny tot, it’s pretty ideal for smushing up food for their dinner.

It has patented ROTER-CONE technology. No, I didn’t know what that was either but apparently this means that the Masha uses a low speed rotor to force the mash through an outer mesh. This allegedly produces mash with a perfect consistency and no lumps in seconds. It’s designed to take the hard work out of mashing.

Did it work? Was I impressed with it?

In short – yes! I tested it out on a big pan of mashed potatoes and the results were good. The Masha does what it says on the tin – gives you creamy, lump-free mash in mere seconds.  It took no effort at all and the best part for me, even when you pulled the masha out of the pan turned on it didn’t pebble-dash my kitchen with bits of potato. My husband commented on the creamy consistency of the mash, which of course, could be in some part due to the amount of creme fraiche that went into the pan but the potato was very smooth, much smoother than I’ve ever managed with a normal masher.

There’s no fiddly bits or functions – you’ve got an on/off button and that’s it. The masha cone releases with a flick of a button for easy cleaning and I’m pleased to say, it really does clean easily. You can also remove the rotor blade by simply rotating it anti-clockwise. A bit of warm, soapy water and it’s like new. 

Would I buy one? Probably. I’m the gadget queen after all! It has a recommended retail price of £34.99 which is probably on the higher end of the scale for a product of this type but it lives up to its promises and if you don’t already have a hand blender/mixer or other mashing device then you’d not go wrong with buying a Masha.   

I can honestly say that this will probably get used every time I make mash in the future – I hate mashing potatoes as I’m a weakling but this tool really makes light work of it and that can only be a good thing in my book!

Disclosure: I was sent a Masha in return for writing a review of the product. All words and opinions contained in this blog post are my own.

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  1. I recently purchased the Masha. It does work and mashes potatoes well. However, I was disappointed when I tried to mash carrots. Not such a good result as potatoes. But my real disappointment is that the carrots stain the masha cone. Despite carrying out the cleaning instructions to the T the cone looks like it is about 10 years old instead of 7 days. Discoloured and not pleasant looking.

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