Cookbook Review: BAKE : Beautiful baking recipes from around the world

I know, with a massive collection of cookbooks it’s hardly likely I need ANOTHER baking book is it? But my philosophy is – it doesn’t hurt to look. Especially when you’re offered them to review!  

BAKE is a book from Parragon Books “Love Food” range and takes you on a baking journey around the globe. My first impressions? I loved it! I can’t resist a big, meaty cookbook and this is quite a large tome. 

The book is split into sections as follows; USA a& Canada, Latin America, Africa, UK, Ireland, France, Mediterranean  Germany Austria & Switzerland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe & Russia, Israel, Asia and finally, Australia & New Zealand.  

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a traditional English girl when it comes to baking and I don’t know a whole lot about baking in other countries so the introduction to each country section was very welcome and very interesting. 

Each recipe has a full page to itself, may with an accompanying full page colour image of the end product.  The recipes are detailed yet easy to follow and whilst some are a trickier than others, this would be a good book for everyone from novice bakers to the more practised cook.

There are a LOT of recipes I want to cook in this book, the list is pretty long so I’ll just share a few favourites with you here;
  • Doughnuts with cinnamon sugar
  • Stromboli with salami, peppers and cheese
  • Sweet caramel pasteles
  • Spicy jalapeno cornbread
  • Apricot and almond tarte
  • Chocolate filo parcels
  • Torta caprese
  • Feta and olive scones
  • Linzer torte
  • Chocolate samosa 
  • Louise cake

I literally cannot wait to start trying out some of these recipes, and the many more that I have earmarked! As well as lesser known recipes, there are also many traditional favourites like the good old Victoria Sandwich!  I could really see this being a well-used book and I think it would be a great present for anyone who loves baking.

This is a good quality, jam-packed book with one of my favourite features – a ribbon page marker. Every cookbook should have a page marker. It’s an essential in my opinion (never let it be said I’m not easily pleased!) 

BAKE is published by Parragon Books and is available to purchase now with an RRP of £26.00.

3 Comments on “Cookbook Review: BAKE : Beautiful baking recipes from around the world”

  1. Book is great. I love the mixture of the recipes from different countries in the book. But I was disappointed how poor was the author knowledge baking tradition in eastern Europe. very limited selection of recipes and lack of knowledge of baking tradition in Eastern Europe.

  2. I have to say that I very much love this book. It’s the first cook book I have ever owned and got it last year for Christmas when I informed my family that I was going to be a baker and Chef one day. I am 18 years old and hope to have made every single recipe in this book. Yesterday I tried the recipe for Baguettes for a senior project and they came out beautifully. I couldn’t have been more impressed. My senior project is on French Cuisine and I have to do a food every Monday for five weeks. Today completes three of the five. I am ecstatic that every thing has went wonderfully thus far. Again, Love this book and to it I owe the privilege of owning it.

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