Lovin’ the lunch notes

Pinterest, my greatest tool of procrastination recently introduced me to my new love – lunch notes. You know, little notes of awesome that you can pop in with your little darlings jam sandwiches at lunchtime? I’ve been writing little notes to my children ever since they started school but I never realised they were an actual thing but they are (in America anyway) and man, have I been having fun with them!

My children love finding these in their lunch boxes, I don’t do it every day though as then it takes away the element of surprise. No, once or twice a week maybe they’ll find a little lunch note with a handwritten message on the back. This will probably go on for a while with my daughter but I’m wondering how long I can get away with it for my son?

Anyhow, in my quest for lunch notes I’ve come across some great free printables which I thought I’d link up to here, just in case anyone else fancies doing this for their children. I printed off lots and have quite a stash ready and raring to go now! Here are some of my favs;
This is just a few of the many, many free printables out there.

Do you put notes in your children’s lunch boxes or am I the only crazy that does this?

4 Comments on “Lovin’ the lunch notes”

  1. For some reason it’s never occurred to me to put notes in the childrens’ lunchboxes but I LOVE some of these little notes! Have printed off a selection to choose from : )

  2. This is so lovely, I don’t have children but if/when I do I will do this. My mother used to do this for me and it was never anything fancy, just a piece of scrap paper on which she would write “Love you” or “have a wonderful day”. Like you, she didn’t write them every day and I think that on days she didn’t write one, I would remind her the following day not to forget!

    Another good idea is to write straight on to a banana peel which is an extra surprise.

  3. You know what, I should get myself on p’interest as I love this idea which has just given me a great idea. I could write notes that incorporate the keywords my daughter has to learn through the year. Thank you!

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