Potato-talk and yummy recipe link-up for Potato Week!

I love a potato. I’m the kind of girl that has a side of potato with my potato, so I could hardly let Potato Week go by without a mention, could I?

Apparently results for new research that was recently commissioned for the Potato Council shows that potatoes play a prominent role in people’s childhood favourite dishes – that’s certainly true for me, with favourites from my own early years being cottage pie, good old sausage’n’mash and my all-time favourite potato dish – cheese and potato pie!

My half-eaten cheese & potato pie 
In the UK we apparently, on average, consume 92kg of potatoes per person per year. I’m pretty sure I alone am responsible for bringing that average up quite heavily. Potatoes are eaten as part of around 9.1 billion meals made at home each year and Maris Piper (my personal favourite) is the most grown variety in Great Britain with over 19,000 hectares being grown every year.

Author & food expert Jo Pratt has developed a series of Maris Piper recipes especially for potato week. They include Hearty potato soup, Mexican baked wedges with corn, eggs and avocado salsa, One pan Mediterranean roast chicken with potatoes & peppers, Sausage cheese and potato pie, Thai potato & chicken curry and Sticky orange potato cake. All the recipes are available to view on the Love Potatoes website.

According to the research, the most popular way to cook potatoes is by boiling or mashing, then chips, baked potatoes and roast potatoes. Mash is definitely my favourite, followed by gloriously crispy roasties. What’s your favourite way of eating a spud?

In the spirit of all things potato – I thought it would be great if we could share our favourite potato-ey (is that word?) recipes.  I’ve added a little Linky widget at the bottom of the post and kicked it off with a few of my favs, so do get linking up your potato creations, old and new!

7 Comments on “Potato-talk and yummy recipe link-up for Potato Week!”

  1. There is something so comforting about a potato! I love mash – it’s such a versatile ingredient – toppings for pies, as a side dish (with different flavourings!) or even as a meal in itself – I remember making a cheesy potato pie in Home Economics in school!

    I’ve added a few of my recipes (one is for sweet potatoes, hope that counts!)

    I am throwing a Halloween linky if you’d like to join in 🙂

  2. I find we tend to eat more potatoes as the weather gets colder! Good staple “man-carb” as Misteright says!

  3. Thanks for joining in. I just love a big pile of potatoes! Thanks for sharing your Halloween linky – I will definitely join in with that – Halloween is almost as big as Christmas in our house!

  4. Only thing is – potatoes don’t like me very much 😛 Although all this potato talk makes me want to make leek and potato soup now 😀

    Thanks for joining it – look forward too seeing what you share! Halloween is #1 in our house – I have more decs for this time of year than Christmas!!!

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