Review: Aldi Wines

Recently I was offered the chance to try out some of the fantastic wines available at Aldi. Two things are important here;

1) I never turn down free wine
2) The wines that I have tried at Aldi in the past have been fantastic

I’m not really fortunate to have an Aldi nearby and actually I’ll be upfront, I’ve never actually been in a store. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t shop at Aldi, just that it’s never been convenient for me. My best friend however is a regular visitor to her nearest Aldi has supplied me with lovely reasonably priced wines on many an occasion. This means that have prior knowledge and experience of Aldi wines, I was more than willing to give some more a go!

Out of the three wines I was sent to try, the first one I sampled was the Bordeaux Supérieur. This was commended in the International Wine Challenge 2013 and is a classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with fruity aromas of raspberry and blackberry.  It’s apparently great to partner with hearty meals like roast beef and stews but I enjoyed it perfectly well on it’s own! A lovely wine at a very reasonable £4.99 RRP!
The second wine was The Exquisite Collection Chianti Classico Riserva priced at £8.99.  This wine received a glowing review from The Independent and is a traditional wine with typical Chianti freshness. I don’t know much about wine, other than I like to drink it *hic* but I do appreciate a nice Tuscan Chianti and this wine was very pleasing on the palette!
Finally I tried The Exquisite Collection Italian Chardonnay. This is priced at £4.99 and is a classic easy-to-drink Chardonnay with a fruity bouquet of peach, lemon and apple blossom. The perfect accompaniment to fish, chicken or turkey this is a really light and enjoyable wine, perfect for lazy summer days in the garden.

I’m no wine snob. Let’s lay it down. If it’s extremely drinkable and brilliantly priced them I’m there. Who wants to spend over the odds on wine? Not me, that’s for sure! But I do still want quality for my money and I can hand on heart say that I would buy each and every one of these wines again (and amongst others, the Toro Loco Tempranillo is an absolute steal and definitely one of the best ones my friend introduced me to, along with the Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva).

If you’ve never been to Aldi and tried out their wine selections, I can only ask one question – why the heavens not?!

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