The planning starts here for Florida & Walt Disney World 2014!

Now that it’s 2014 I can officially start planning my Florida trip. The holiday is all booked of course (we’re flying with Thomson on the new Dreamliner) but almost as enjoyable for me as the holiday itself is the planning. Yes. THE PLANNING. I love it, I have a spreadsheet and everything.

As our previous trip, we’re staying on site at Walt Disney World for two weeks and making use of the Disney Dining Plan. This offers a whole level of planning on its own as to get into the popular restaurants people book these 180 days in advance and well you know, if you can’t beat them… It seems completely and utterly ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t been to Walt Disney World before but I did this last time and it worked perfectly. Yes, it’s more than a little bit odd to be planning where and when you are going to eat in 6 months time but if you’re a little OCD like me you won’t really mind this at all. Mr M knows nothing, I just tell him where we have to be at any given time. It’s like a military operation and I happen to love it

I completely enjoy researching all the restaurants and menus and making a shortlist. The actual booking is a little stressful but it’s a rather pleasant feeling once it’s all done.


This year Disney have totally thrown me by introducing Magic Bands and Fastpass+. This is completely different from when I last visited in 2011 and if I am going to book Fastpasses in advance that takes the planning to a complete other level. Booking restaurants at the tail end of either day is one thing – it doesn’t really matter where you go during the day, but having to book Fastpasses for rides? That’s blowing my mind completely!  I’m going to need a completely different section on my spreadsheet for starters…

Another thing that is slightly different this year – last time we went we stayed purely at the Disney parks but this time we are considering throwing Universal Studios and Seaworld into the mix and possibly Discovery Cove but I am conscious of a) overspending and b) not trying to squish too much in to the two weeks. It’s a pretty tiring experience as it is and my children like to spend as much time as possible at the water parks cooling off. I mean, it’s August. It’s hot and humid. The pool is by far the best place to be!   Visiting these other parks also plays havoc with my restaurant planning and I can’t decide whether we’d be better off nipping off and staying in a Universal hotel for a night to make use of their priority/fast pass system. Decisions, decisions.

The Dibb is by far the best resource I’ve found for planning a Florida holiday – there’s a really friendly forum of Florida-addicts. You’ve got a question? You’ll get it answered there! Reading all the food and trip reports is one of my favourite ways to procrastinate! (Like I need any more excuses).


Have you been to Florida recently? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Maybe you are going this year or next? I’d very much enjoy talking planning with you!
All images used in this post are the property of Walt Disney World and were received by myself as part of my Photopass purchase in 2011.

3 Comments on “The planning starts here for Florida & Walt Disney World 2014!”

  1. I can highly recommend Universal Studios and Islands of adventure. I liked those a lot better than Disney (but I was 23 at the time…!!)

  2. I thought I was the only one who made holiday spread sheets! I planned each day with pre-booked meals and preferred ride order after reading the unofficial guide to Disney. Universal is definitely worth a visit if you like Harry Potter, but it was much busier than the Disney parks.

  3. Hey, ive been to Floridatwice now. Discovery cove is Amazing but if you got, swim with dolphins. There isnt a great deal to do there but its an amazing place to be. We all swam with dolphins and its a once in a lifetime experience xx

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