A change is as good as….a move?

I’m not sure that is entirely the right quote but it works for me! You see, the house situation I find myself in means that this is our forever home. That’s good right, no upheaval, no major expense and all that but it also means that there’ll never be any real changes and for me, change can be a positive thing.  I get a bit twitchy in a house after a while and because we can’t move again Mr M has pretty much accepted that we will be in a cycle of redecorating and moving furniture around every few years.

We started renovating the house about 5 years ago now so the cycle has just come back around for the first rooms which were are living and kitchen/diner/play room. As the children are getting older we’re changing the way we use the spaces. Up until now we’ve had two dining areas – an older, slightly battered full formal dining set in the living room and a cheaper more casual one in the kitchen.  Now I find myself in the market for a new dining room set to replace the two so I took a lot at the Furniture Choicewebsite for inspiration.

I’d love something white like this (and practical too – extendable, who knew? I haven’t seen an extendable table in ages!) but it’s a high use, high traffic area and I’m not that it would be entirely suitable. A few dinks and meetings with a Sharpie and there could be tears before bedtime.
Glass would be nice in the right home but certainly not my home! The fingerprints, oh the fingerprints. I spend enough time cleaning already. I’m not sure I could take the stress of a glass dining table!
Which really leads me back to wood, oak or pine, however I’m still no closer to the decision from when I first started out. There’s simply too much choice out there and I’m just too indecisive. I bet if you come back and ask me in 12 months time what dining rooms set did I plump for I’ll still not have made a decision. See, I like change but I am a HUGE procrastinator. This pleases Mr M greatly….

What kind of dining room set up do you have? Do you actually eat your dinner at the table as a family?

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