Blame it on the weatherman? (or reasons to be cheerful!)

I really want to be too depressive when my problems, in comparison to others are really quite small but all this stormy weather and incessant rain really does seem to be reflecting my mood at the moment. Certainly, it’s not doing a thing to improve it!

It seems there is a literal black cloud hanging over my head.

As you might know from posts and tweets I’ve been proper in the doldrums over the past few weeks, lower than low. I’ve been trying so very hard to pick myself up and give myself a big shake and some days it works, others it doesn’t. I’m really quite fed-up with myself. So in an effort to try and stop myself being so “woe is me” and “my life sucks BALLS” I decided to try and point out – to myself – all the good stuff that lies ahead.

Yes, there are many reasons to be cheerful and there are still lots of things to look forward to. I’m taking trips to New York AND Florida this year (and feel very very lucky to be doing so even if it is leaving me totally brassic), we’ve got theatre trips (Wicked) and concerts (Trousersnake – I’m coming to get you!) and lots and lots of camping planned! We’re hoping to return to Camp Bestival this summer as well as a Goodwood weekend if we can a) fit it in and b) afford it!

So you know, life is going to improve once the sunshine comes along. I’m not doing too bad. Life is good.  I shall repeat that over and over.

In the meantime, whilst that is sinking in. I shall perk myself up by procrastinating for most of the day and looking at funny pictures on Pinterest.

Have a good weekend everyone. I’ve been a bit slack on the blog recently due to wallowing in my own pool of self-pity but I have some yummy and very unhealthy recipes to share with you this weekend!

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