Meal Planning Monday (10th February 2014)

Morning all.

Thank you for all your really kind words last week. Sadly, my week really did turn out as bad as I expected, maybe worse, and I actually feel like I had one of the lowest weeks of my life. Not sure my husband has ever seen me in such a state. The good news is I feel like I am making a bit of a comeback, still having moments but I’m getting there. The other good news is that it spurred my weight loss on as I could barely eat and I’ve lost about 8lbs in two weeks now. Hope I can keep it off!

All the stress was work-related and therefore money-related. We’re going to have to start eating a bit more on a shoestring and to this end this week I am on a use-the-cupboard-and-freezer mission which means it’s all going to be a bit haphazard!

It’s looking a bit like this;

Sausage & mash
Breaded chicken & salad
Bacon & lentil soup
Fish pie & veggies
Chilli con carne
Prawn curry

Mine will of course all be diet versions of the above, or served with less carbs.

Your turn now! You know what to do….

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Hope everyone has a great week.

6 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (10th February 2014)”

  1. I’m sorry to hear your bad news came to fruition, just remember to keep strong and move forward. I’ve been made redundant twice before and know how soul destroying it can be but we are always stronger than we think and things will always turn out brighter in the end x

  2. sorry to hear of your bad news congratulations on some weight loss just a shame it had to be for the wrong reasons I hope you have a better week this week xx

  3. Since my husband retired 5 years ago, we always eat together in the evening – when the children were small, he often wasn’t home until they were in bed, so we tended to have to do two meals. We have always used a dining room table – we have no TV downstairs. The present one is from my mother in law, and it probably wasn’t new when she got it in 1949!

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