Meal Planning Monday (17th February 2014)

Morning! The briefest of brief posts today as I am attempting to do this from my laptop tethered to my mobile and living rurally, my signal is sketchy at best! It all went wrong on Friday’s stormy night – massive power cut and then an absolute monster of a tree fell down and pulled down metres and metres of telephone cabling with it so at the moment we’ve no telephone or broadband – not making blogging easy I can tell you!

For that reason, I just wanted to get a quick post up so that I you could all submit your meal plans for the week. I’ll be back online Tuesday when I’m at work – no idea when it will be up and running at home again!

If you’re new to my blog or #mealplanningmonday all you have to do is this – write a blog post about your meal plan for the week and submit the URL of your post using the Linkytools below. If you’ve not got a blog but want to join in, that’s fine – just leave a comment below telling us what you’re planning this week.  Any questions, just holler at me via email (in the contact page) or on Twitter @madamding.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration! We’ve got nearly 700 followers so far on our new board and I’ve started pinning some of your recipes as I come across them!

Hopefully I’ll be able to update this post ASAP, stupid storms!

Have a good week all!

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