Things my kitchen needs…

“Needs” is probably pushing it to be fair, “wants” is more accurate. What my kitchen actually NEEDS is a massive decluttering and half as much stuff in it but that’s never going to happen, so moving swiftly on…

I’ve realised recently there are gaps in my life. Small cooking appliances, tools and the like that really should be housed in my kitchen. Some I’m sure will never grace my kitchen with their presence, others…well if I can sneak them in without Mr M noticing, I will.

I’ve been a bit bored, doing a lot of procrastinating and thought I’d share with you what I’m are my current culinary covets!

A Cuisinart Waffle Maker to erm, make waffles.

A cast-iron skillet for making all the delicious things I see on Pinterest.
Le Creuset Grill – I have no idea why, I just like it.
Le Creuset Tagine for all the Moroccan-style cooking I don’t do…
I know my son would love a  Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker
I have the urge to buy a raclette. I’d absolutely never use it but hey-ho.
A whole host of things I really don’t need. I’m probably going to get the waffle maker though. And the skillet. Just don’t tell my husband, he’ll never notice.

Lusting after anything kitchen-related at the moment?

9 Comments on “Things my kitchen needs…”

  1. I’ve never seen a raclette before. How many does it sleep? I see that it’s a double-decker – does it go via Picadilly? I think it deserves a whole post of its own – maybe a whole blog of its own.

  2. Ah a girl after my own heart, my kitchen is full of things I needed to make various cakes like a muffin maker, mini muffin maker, macaroon maker, and a cake pop maker! I got them just because I needed them, now I guess I just need to use them!

    I also have a popcorn maker and can recommend it, I’m definitely curious about the raclette, looks very interesting.

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