Can you help?


I am looking for some help on the blog today. Not for me, but for a dear blogging friend.

Fay who writes at Glass Half Full has asked if we can help cheer up her sister, Joy, who is currently battling stage 3b cancer. ¬†Fay herself has faced her own cancer journey and her sister has been her inspiration through this. It’s intense, gruelling and just damn horrible. Joy faces chemotherapy every two weeks and has radiotherapy three times a week for the next four months, at least.

Joy gets lots of pleasure and inner strength from inspirational quotes and Fay is looking for more to pop onto her owl cardholder. She wants to ask the following;

Have you got a picture which inspires and takes you to a calm place? A postcard with a quote which resonates and gets you through a difficult time? Or an ironic comic strip to make you laugh? If you have and can part with it, please help me give it a new home and fill Joy’s.

Fay talks on her blog about it a bit more and you can read that here.

I know you lovely bloggers are a kind and caring bunch.

Can you help?

If you have got something to share – please get in touch with Fay via email at, on Twitter or via Facebook.

Thank you for reading.

2 Comments on “Can you help?”

  1. Thank you very much for doing this, it is appreciated. She is feeling very poorly at the moment, has had a reaction to the chemotherapy and is finding it a little bit hard. Anything help to lift her spirits would be great

  2. I have been in the hospital so I am just now getting around to this post but sure I would love to help out. I will head over to her blog now.

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