Meal Planning Monday (16th June 2014)

meal planning monday.pngSo.

Last week I FAILED. Failed miserably.

I don’t know how I forgot about Meal Planning Monday last week but I did. Whoops. I have such a goldfish brain sometimes. In my defence, I have a lot going on right now which hasn’t left a lot of time to think about food or blogging for that matter. I seem to do it in fits and starts recently but that really needs to change and intend to dedicate more time to blogging this week, with a particular focus on sharing Meal Planning Monday around a bit more. I am so grateful to all of you that join in every week and I really want to do more to get other people joining in and viewing your plans.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, the weather was ok wasn’t it? It’s been quite warm recently which has been nice though I haven’t been able to make the most of it in the past week as I have been stuck inside with a poorly child. It never rains….!

My meal plan theme this week is SIMPLE.

THIS week.jpg

There you go. Nothing new so nice and easy and I should be able to stick to it!

I’d like to see what you are planning to eat this week, so you may now go forth and link up.

If you are a newcomer to my blog and Meal Planning Monday (and you might well be if you’ve seen me pimping it out this week!) then the idea is simple. Read more about Meal Planning Monday HERE. Β All you have to do to join in is write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and add it to the Linky below. No blog? No matter! Just leave a comment below with your plans or you can join in with our Facebook group and let us know over there!

We’ve also got a great Pinterest board going on.

Follow At Home With Mrs M’s board Meal Planning Monday’s Family Favourites on Pinterest.

If you want to join this collaborative board then let me know. We’ve currently got over 830 followers so it’s another great way to share your recipes and posts with the masses!

I think that’s it for this week – only thing left to say is that I have yet created a new HTML badge/button for the Meal Planning Monday. It’s on my Things to Do list and I’ll sort it out this week!

Have a great week,

Mrs m sig.png Β 

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