Camp Bestival time is here!


Tomorrow we will be making the long journey down to Dorset for this years Camp Bestival festival. It’s not really that long a journey from home to Dorset but when you’re in a 1970’s VW you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to take about double the time it should. Still, when you’re in a classic vehicle you just have to suck it up and we don’t let it bother us. It’s all about the experience so we’ll plan to leave early-ish and take a slow meander, using the scenic route as much as possible with a lunch stop-off on the way.

I’m unfortunately stuck at work today which means I can’t spend the day getting everything ready but  come this evening it will be action stations. I’m not even nearly packed and tonight I also need to go shopping for the fresh groceries that we’re taking with us. We’re planning to cook dinner at our van every night this year, not really to save money but to just make sure we’re a bit more leisurely and spend some time just chilling. It’s probably our only van break this summer so it will be nice to have the full experience of camping rather than rushing around all over the joint, queuing at four different food stands to suit varying family tastes and getting all harassed!  I’ve got some nice ideas for camping food and treats and will report back on how well they worked – or not!  This doesn’t meant that I won’t be trying out some of the amazing sounding food vendors attending the festival, because I will and there’ll be more than one visit to the WI tent for cake…


I think all the essentials are pretty much ready – I’m the queen of lists so I have been checking them off for weeks. Baby wipes, bucket for peeing in, glowsticks, bubbles, flowery headbands for the girls…we’ve got them all as well as large amounts of loom bands and packets of Top Trumps to entertain the children well mummy has peace and quiet and sips her wine Horlicks.

Having seen the weather forecast I am thinking that the rain macs and wellies might well need to be packed too. It’s no fun trudging around in a soggy wet field in Birkenstocks. It’s pretty flipping typical though isn’t it? That after weeks of wall-to-wall sunshine and superbly dry weather that the one weekend we plan to go camping in our van is the one where the weather finally breaks and gives us a downpour. I will not let it get us down though. Oh no. Weather – do your worst. We’ll be prepared!

Who else is going to Camp Besitval tomorrow? Are you ready yet?

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    1. Hi Samsam, I feel all starstruck now having seen you at Camp Bestival forming huge bubbles! Ha. I then went in your store and spent a small fortune…! The photo above actually belongs to Camp Bestival and they were provided for promotional use. I’m pretty sure they won’t mind you using them. I will drop you an email.

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