Meal Planning Monday (28th July 2014)

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So I know it’s not actually Monday and for that I apologise. I have no real excuse – I’ve just been out enjoy summer and the school holidays with my children and the blog has had to take a teensy bit of a back seat whilst that happens. I suppose I shouldn’t really apologise for that should I? Priorities and everything!

We’re off to Camp Bestival later this week which would normally mean that meal planning would be a bit hit and miss but not this time. Oh no. There is a camping meal plan. How successful it is, only time will tell…so here is what we’ve got planned for this week.

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There it is.

I feel a bit ambitious with my camping plans but we want more of an experience this time camping with the van, rather than just buying food, even though Camp Bestival has lots of lovely offerings!

I am sure you’ve all done your plans by now so the linky is below for you to add your post to.

Sorry again for my absence – better late than never huh!

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