Meal Planning Monday (4th August 2014)

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Sorry I am late AGAIN but at least it’s till Monday hey! That’s an improvement.

In my defence, I have been to Camp Bestival this weekend so today when we arrived home, it was all about sorting out the van and unpacking. We were cream-crackered so it’s been slow progress, I won’t lie. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the event later this week.

The other thing is, this week there is no plan. Yes, you heard me right, THERE IS NO PLAN. This is down to me working, going out and more importantly, going on my hollibobs. WHOOP. Don’t worry though, I’ve been a good girl and scheduled for the next few weeks so that you can still join in with your meal planning posts.

So I am having a very deserved Chinese takeaway tonight and the rest of the week, well I’ll just be winging it because I’m too busy and food is going to take a backseat. I’m dead organised though for hols and I could tell you exactly where I’ll be eating dinner for the next two weeks (God bless Disney and their advance dining reservations…).

Okay, over to you! Let’s see what you have got on the menu this week.  If you are a newcomer to my blog and Meal Planning Monday (and you might well be if you’ve seen me pimping it out this week!) then the idea is simple. Read more about Meal Planning Monday HERE.  All you have to do to join in is write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and add it to the Linky below. No blog? No matter! Just leave a comment below with your plans or you can join in with our Facebook group and let us know over there!

We’ve also got a great Pinterest board going on.

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If you want to join this collaborative board then let me know. We’ve currently got over 860 followers so it’s another great way to share your recipes and posts with the masses!

Have a great week everyone!

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