Meal Planning Monday (15th September 2014)

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Good morning!

Firstly, an apology. I was completely absent last week but I have excuses, good ones. One is of course we’ve both been made redundant and therefore our concentration is on finding jobs right now but two is I was head down in the hardest assignment I have ever tackled in my life (submitted last night YAY!) and three, I was in Switzerland. So all valid excuses right?  Anyhow, it’s now time to reclaim my life. Time to tidy my house, catch up with blogging, spend time with my children and START COOKING AGAIN.

Oh I am really looking forward to cooking some new meals again. It’s been ages. I’ve really missed proper cooking as whilst I’ve been meal planning, things have gone out of the window due to time or I’ve ended up reaching for ready-made or simple options. No more! I’m back on it and so Meal Planning Monday is once again in full swing. Sorry I have neglected you guys.

Since I managed to submit the soul-sucking assignment late last night, I have a meal plan. Go me!

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I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to eating all of that!

Okay, over to you! Let’s see what you have got on the menu this week.

If you are a newcomer to my blog and Meal Planning Monday then the idea is simple. Read more about Meal Planning Monday HERE.  All you have to do to join in is write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and add it to the Linky below. No blog? No matter! Just leave a comment below with your plans or you can join in with our Facebook group and let us know over there!

We’ve also got a great Pinterest board going on.  If you want to join this collaborative board then let me know. We’ve currently got over 890 followers so it’s another great way to share your recipes and posts with the masses!

Follow At Home With Mrs M’s board Meal Planning Monday’s Family Favourites on Pinterest.

I’d really like to drum up some more interest in Meal Planning Monday this autumn, so please do share your posts and RT so we can get as many people on board as possible!

Look forward to seeing what you’re all cooking up this week – I’m off to hunt for some good things to bake, I’m really in the cooking mood!

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25 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (15th September 2014)”

  1. Sorry to hear that it’s all gone a bit pear shaped at the moment. I hope it sorts itself out soon! I did publish my meal plan yesterday but forgot to link up! Love what’s on your menu this week!

    Laura x x x

  2. We try to do plan our meals for the week as much as possible too. It certainly makes for a more efficient food shop. We tend to keep our list in our heads though.

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