The Fresh One – my PG Personali-tea!



I’ve had the month from hell (as described here) and let’s face it, there’s not really that much that a good cup of tea can’t sort out, is there? So when this lovely hamper arrived from PG Tips, in perfectly timed style (the morning after D-DAY) it certainly cheered me up. Especially as it contained some lovely goodies and of course, lots of tea!


I received the hamper as part of PG Tips promoting their new range of tea blends, designed to help you find the perfect tea whatever your mood or the time of day. They include;

The Fresh One
an invigorating and fresh taste that picks you up

The Rich One
a complex and aromatic taste for a flavoursome treat

The Mellow One
a smooth taste of black and decaffeinated teas to help you unwind

The Strong One
 a rich and full flavoured tea for a bit of kick


I’m a BIG tea fan, and PG Tips does happen to be my brand of choice so I am very happy to try these out. You can keep your coffee people. Tea is the way foreword.

I was invited to try out a quiz on the PG Tips Facebook page to find out what my PG Personali-tea was. If you’re interested, and I’d love you to come back and tell me the result, you can try the quiz out for yourself HERE.

Apparently I am “The Fresh One” – the visionary. Who knew!  I’m brimming with great ideas that inspire the people around me. Allegedly. That remains to be seen, ha!

Along with the teas, I was sent some gorgeous Molton Brown bodywash in Caju and Lime – so refreshing, some Maybelline nail polish, a beautiful Jasper Conran cup and the loveliest scented candle which was parsley and mint. Completely not a scent I would normally buy, but WOW.  It felt like it was my birthday (which incidentally WAS last week…) and was just what I needed after a rough couple of days, so thank you PG Tips.


Do try out the quiz and report back. In the meantime, I am off to enjoy a gorgeous cup of tea (The Rich One!).

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