Essential home maintenance for winter

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The days are already getting shorter and this winter is being forecast to be another particularly chilly one. Maintenance is important all year round but bad weather can put extra strain on the fabric of your home. A broken boiler or even a blocked gutter can be a major headache while cold and wet weather can also damage areas such as exposed wooden window frames, doors and decking.

Prevention is always better than cure so tackling essential maintenance tasks before winter can help protect your home and save a lot of money in the long run.

Older homes can require more maintenance than new builds. Take a look at new homes in Bristol to see what types of quality new builds are available but don’t neglect your property … however old it is.

Inside the home

It’s important to get your boiler serviced and checked regularly and it’s usually best to do this before winter, when you are likely to be using it more. If your home is inadequately insulated, try to do this before the weather gets colder and ensure that all pipes and tanks in the loft are lagged.

Make sure you know where your stopcock is located in case you do get a burst pipe. Most frozen pipes occur in the roof space or below sink units so leaving trapdoors to lofts and cupboard doors open for extended periods of time can allow warmer air to enter these areas and prevent freezing.

Exterior areas

Make sure gutters are clear and in good repair. A blocked or damaged gutter can cause additional water damage to other areas of the house and it can be more difficult to attend to once the weather has turned.

You should also make sure your roof is in good repair. Look for missing or damaged slates or tiles, cracks in the chimney and problems with pointing. If there are any issues that need rectifying, always hire a professional roofer to carry out the repairs.

Exposed wood can be irreparably damaged by prolonged wet or cold weather so ensure these areas are filled, painted, stained with a weatherproof solution or otherwise treated as appropriate. Cut back low hanging branches that could cause damage in storms or windy weather and make sure fixtures such as exterior lights are secure.

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