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This weekend we paid our first visit to FarGo Village in Coventry. I’ve read lots about FarGo over the past few weeks and was really interested to take a closer look as it sounded fab.  We’re going to ignore just how long it took me to catch on about the name. I spent days, maybe weeks, pondering how they came up with the name FarGo and literally twigged when walking down Far Gosford Street. There are no flies on me. My husband was disgusted.


FarGo Village is a brand new creative “village” on the edge of Coventry city centre, a hub of independent shopping and creative arts in an old bicycle factory. The aim is to bring a bit of a Camden vibe to Coventry with niche and unique shops, studios, creative workspaces and crafts, cafes, markets and entertainment.


First impressions were good, we loved the design of the development, it was really well done and lots of thought had been put into it. We liked the shipping container units and the old bicycle factory had been sympathetically developed without losing it’s old character and identity (Coventry’s bicycle heritage is very important).  There’s a great mix of shops – vintage and new and I can see that this is could be a really great place to pick up some nifty and unique Christmas gifts.



Three of my favourites were

The Big Comfy Bookshop – beautiful, light and well-organised which is quite unusual for a secondhand book shop, totally loved it and will spend a lot more time in there. They have local author book signings and are currently running a children’s writing competition.

The Dashing Blades Barbershop – Mr M decided to get himself a haircut whilst he was here and it was a great experience. Robert, the owner, was very dapper indeed, the most awesomely styled barber I’ve ever come across and I loved the whole style of the barbershop.

CaBloom Flowers – CaBloom was displaying some stunning arrangements of beautiful, vibrant flowers. If only I had someone to buy me some.



There is obviously so much more and you can read a little about the other tenants here.

I’m a sucker for somewhere I can meander and mooch around, and even better if there is some nosh on offer.  You won’t be disappointed if you wander on down to FarGo at the weekend when Scoff Street Food are in residence. When I visited there was three of the most amazing street food vendors serving up some pretty top notch food – Spectacular Goat, The Meat Shack and The Hungry Toad. I’ve been fortunate enough to try food from The Hungry Toad (Nachurrito. A NACHURRITO. That’s a burrito with nachos in it to you and I. One word. Amazing) so this time I thought we’d try out the other two vendors. The children had a pretty awesome pizza (The Marge) from Spectacular Goat whilst I opted for a burger from The Meat Shack. I’d heard nothing but good things about these burgers so couldn’t wait to get my chops around it and it did not disappoint. Wowsers. I will be back for more, that’s for sure!



FarGo Village have got tons of spooky fun planned for half-term week and I can’t wait to get back down there. It’s such a fantastic development and I feel, a massive asset to Coventry. I really hope that more people get themselves down there to support this creative community. Every single person I met there was friendly and helpful and I think it would be amazing to see this really flourish.

If you’re local to Coventry or even just passing through, make sure you stop by FarGo Village and check it out!

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  1. Hey! I live in Coventry and The Big Comfy Bookshop is my favourite place to zone out with a coffee or hot chocolate during uni breaks. FarGo Village is truly wonderful and I feel inspired every time I visit. Hope you’re having a great week! Mara x

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