Meal Planning Monday (17th November 2014)

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So I totally missed Meal Planning Monday last week. I have no real excuse, other than the weeks appear to be running away with me at the moment. Quite scary really seeing as I’m not working right now! I don’t know where my time goes. I think it’s because I am all out of routine right now, I’m hoping very soon it will improve when my husband returns to work. It’s been a very odd few months.

I don’t have high hopes for meal planning this week as I am currently sicker than a sick thing. I’ve been struck down with the dreaded winter cold and I feel absolutely dreadful. Food certainly isn’t on the top of my list right now but the rest of the family have to eat, so life goes on!  Here’s what I am planning (and I say that loosely as there’s a good chance I’ll be spending the rest of the week lying in bed!) for the family; luckily I have a few meals stashed in the freezer and I am also doing a review for a ready meal company this week so that’s two nights sorted!

Chilli and rice
Chunky vegetable soup and crusty baguettes
*Cavendish Cooks review meal
* Cavendish Cooks review meal
Macaroni cheese and garlic bread
Spaghetti bolognese

Easy peasy which is just what the doctor has ordered this week.

Okay, here you go. Your turn to link up.

If you are a newcomer to my blog and Meal Planning Monday then the idea is simple. Read more about Meal Planning Monday HERE.  All you have to do to join in is write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and add it to the Linky below. No blog? No matter! Just leave a comment below with your plans or you can join in with our Facebook group and let us know over there.  We’ve also got a great Pinterest board going on.  If you want to join this collaborative board then let me know. We’ve currently got over 915 followers so it’s another great way to share your recipes and posts with the masses!

Follow At Home With Mrs M’s board Meal Planning Monday’s Family Favourites on Pinterest.

Also, I’ve just started a new community on Google+. I have ignored Google+ for so long since I joined there so I have no idea what I am doing but here is the link, come join me so I am not lonely!…/communiti…/117001749684787456150

I’d really like to drum up some more interest in Meal Planning Monday this autumn, so please do share your posts and RT so we can get as many people on board as possible!  Use the hashtag #mealplanningmonday over on Twitter and I’ll share as many as I can.

Look forward to seeing what you’re all cooking up this week.

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