Five great Christmas Crafts

We love a bit of seasonal crafting in our house. We’re not HUGE crafters by any stretch of the imagination, but we like to have a go and have a craft stash to rival that of Hobbycraft, let me tell you!

This year I’ve decided to have a go at some of the ideas that have been languishing on my Pinterest boards and thoug9309708ht I’d share ten of the best ones here with you guys.

Hope you find something you might like to make!


Oranges and cloves – so pretty and I bet they smell amazing too! Find out more about them here – it’s Norwegian but you can translate the page to English easily enough!

Upcycled Candles

Love this very simple and cheap idea for styling up basic candles. The original blog for this has vamooshed but all you need is some double sided sticky tape, a cheap candle (try your local Poundland or similar) and glitter.


How cute are these owls? Super cute! And very easy too, you can follow the tutorial over at Paging Fun Mums.

november 2010 035

A variation of the same theme, salt dough decorations are lots of fun to make with children – you can even use them as gift tags for your presents. Be as creative as you like, the world is your oyster!


I love this really nice simple paper angel idea and I’ll definitely be making some of these with my children this weekend. The great thing is you can use any colour or type of paper you want so they’ll fit with any theme, and you can let the children go crazy decorating!

Have you seen any novel crafty ideas for the festive season? Share them below!

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