Meal Planning Monday (15th December 2014)

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Nobody say it.

Yes. I know it’s Tuesday.

I suck at life right now, I am seriously failing on every front. It seems that not having a job has really knocked me for six, I just can’t cope without a routine. I need a real kick up the bum to get me going with life again.

I am going to OWN 2015. Watch this space.

In terms of meal planning, there is semblance of a meal plan this week. Last week was about eating and clearing out the freezer (which was successful) this week is about JUST GETTING THROUGH the last week of term. We have so many concerts, trips, parties, social events it’s ridiculous so whilst there is a plan, it’s not very inspirational!

Tomato soup with mature cheddar and bacon bread
Lamb rogan josh with pilau rice
Chicken fajitas
Sausage casserole

and I ashamed to say I am eating out three times this week!

The bread is from my new bread maker, I am so utterly in love with this piece of kit. It was sent to me to review so I will be sharing that soon but for now I am just going to sit in a wheat-induced coma.

I know I am late so I fully understand if nobody wants to share this week but just in case the linky is below – you know what to do! I’ll be back on it next week – though to be fair it will be a lot of turkey! Only 9 sleeps people. NINE!

Have a great week.

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