Meal Planning Monday (12th January 2015)

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Good morning!

Hope you’re all having a great start to 2015?

Day 12 of #DryJanuary and I am going strong! That might not sound like much but I had got into a real habit of drinking a glass of wine everyday over the past few months and knew I needed to break that so I thought a month of abstinence would help to break the cycle. Some days are easier than others! Had a delicious Chinese takeaway last night and a glass of red would have gone perfectly with it but I had to settle for 7UP! I have to say though, I am not yet feeling any of the proclaimed health benefits and I am certainly not sleeping better like they promised I would!

We had a bumper week on #mealplanningmonday last week with 40 people joining in and I tried to get around and comment on every single post. I hope I achieved it, sorry if I missed you! I’ve got a few admin chores to catch up on today, I know some of you have requested access to the Pinterest board and I’m on that today. AND the badge, that’s been on my things to do list for ever but I will sort out the HTML badge for Meal Planning Monday this week too.

So food, we’re a bit all over the place this week but here’s what some of us are eating this week.

Cheese & Crackers & Chocolate (Mr M is away & friend is coming round for a chinwag)
Buffalo Chicken Chilli
Cheese & Bacon Pasta Bake
Hoisin Prawns & Rice
Pizza (not sure what toppings yet)
Gammon, Pineapple, Eggs and Chips

I blame two of last weeks meal planners for the gammon, I haven’t stopped thinking about it!

Okay meal planners, it’s now your turn. If you want a recap of where to find #mealplanningmonday all over the t’internets, the details are on last week’s post which you can find here.

The all-important instructions… If you’re new to my blog or #mealplanningmonday all you have to do is this – write a blog post about your meal plan for the week and submit the URL of your post using the Linkytools below. If you’ve not got a blog but want to join in, that’s fine – just leave a comment below telling us what you’re planning this week.  Any questions, just holler at me via email (in the contact page) or on Twitter @madamding.

I am going to work harder at getting round to comment on everyone who joins in and if you use the #mealplanningmonday hashtag on Twitter, I will share a selection each week.

I’ve still working hard to get more joiners and would like to get some more people talking about #mealplanningmonday and joining in during 2015 – all RT’s and shares on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, the dreaded Google+ etc would be greatly appreciated! The more the merrier and more inspiration for us all! Use the #mealplanningmonday tag on Twitter and I’ll share a random selection each week.

Have a great week everyone! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog this week for the next Meet the Meal Planner post!

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16 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (12th January 2015)”

  1. Well done with your #DryJanuary. I am going dry this month also for the Cancer Research Dryathlon and you are right it is a lot harder than first anticipated…shamefully I almost caved on Saturday night! x

  2. I did the Dryathalon last year for the same reason, it’s too easy to get into that routine of a glass of wine to wind down. I’m having a dry January this year too but that’s due to being 5 months pregnant rather than anything else! The meal plan sounds yum!

  3. Well done on your #DryJanuary! I’m not much of a drinker these days, I think I had two glasses of fizz over Christmas & New Year and that was only to be polite haha. I’m not allowed booze on my new diet/lifestyle anyway, not until I have lost the weight! x

  4. Brilliant work on your #DryJanuary. I should do the same with chocolate.. maybe not, ha! Some brilliant meals there, can I ask what’s buffalo chicken chill? Using chicken instead of beef? I’ll be sharing everywhere as usual x

  5. Gosh well done on getting to day 12!! I am trying to be more conscious of alcohol consumption – its too easy on these cold winter nights to snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of red but other than last Tuesdays wine with my Dad I think I’ve only had to vodka and cokes – though that is also because max strength lempsip has been my choice of drinks!

    Love your plan – except for the pineapple, you can happily keep that!

  6. Well done on the dry January. I am definitely not having one of those (although am aiming not to drink until Friday now). Love the sound of the Buffalo Chicken Chilli. And the cheese/crackers/chocolate combination too!

  7. Well done on the Dry January – my husband is also taking part which means I’ve only had one glass of wine (to finish the open bottle) since New Year! Your meal plan sounds lovely hun – I love the sound of Hoi Sin prawns x

  8. I just realised that I never got round to commenting last week – sorry xx I wanted to say thank you for letting me join in and well done with #DryJanuary xx

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