Meal Planning Monday (19th January 2015)

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Good morning! How are you all today?  Apparently it’s Blue Monday today, the most depressing day of the year. Are you feeling blue? I’m not, I am actually feeling rather motivated today, so in your face Blue Monday!

I had a massive fest of going through all my kitchen cupboards this weekend, throwing out anything that was really out of date and making a plan of what to use other stuff for. The result is a supremely unhealthy and really quite random meal plan but as it’s nearing the end of January and pennies are tight, we are rolling with it!

Here it is;

Cheese & bacon pasta bake with garlic bread
Creamy cheesy chicken enchiladas
Soup & baguettes (I am overrun with soup)
Chicken kievs with salad
Pizza (always a pizza, I am a pizza fiend)
Camembert, bread, dips, crackers 

Yes I am still using up leftover cheese and Christmas foods though you know, a Camembert night is no hardship!

Alrighty then, it’s now your turn. If you want a recap of where to find #mealplanningmonday all over your internet, the details are on this post.

The all-important instructions… If you’re new to my blog or #mealplanningmonday all you have to do is this – write a blog post about your meal plan for the week and submit the URL of your post using the Linkytools below. If you’ve not got a blog but want to join in, that’s fine – just leave a comment below telling us what you’re planning this week.  Any questions, just holler at me via email (in the contact page) or on Twitter @madamding.

I am going to work harder at getting round to comment on everyone who joins in and if you use the #mealplanningmonday hashtag on Twitter, I will share a selection each week.

I’ve still working hard to get more joiners and would like to get some more people talking about #mealplanningmonday and joining in during 2015 – all RT’s and shares on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, the dreaded Google+ etc would be greatly appreciated! The more the merrier and more inspiration for us all! Use the #mealplanningmonday tag on Twitter and I’ll share a random selection each week.

Have a great week everyone! I ran out of time last week but the next Meet the Meal Planner post is coming tomorrow!

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  1. I’ll pop around on camembert day please *brings wine* 😉

  2. Mmm, enchiladas!

  3. Ohhh sounds like a fantastic week of meals ahead. I miss cheese!

  4. Everything sounds delicious!

  5. So many of US re having Enchiladas this week! Hope you have a fab week x

  6. Ooh, haven’t made chicken kievs in ages! Yum x

  7. I’m feeling pretty happy about today too…So much for it being the most depressing day of the year….lol I do like the sound of the Cheese & bacon pasta bake! x

  8. Looks like a pretty good week to me 🙂 and cheese is healthy, calcium, right?! I’m also a pizza fiend, the kids had it for lunch today, it was a sad moment having to throw away what they didn’t finish xx

  9. I love cheese so your camembert night sounds perfect! Have a good week x

  10. Mhhh camembert. What a great idea. Our weekly food plan is almost always the same so no good for us to share x

  11. Ooh I so want a camembert night – my other half doesn’t eat cheese – but I do – and he’s out on Thursday…..might be worth changing my plan to accommodate this idea!

  12. The Creamy Chicken Enchiladas sound yummy! I haven’t had soup for ages, I might have to make some next week! Have a great week xx

  13. I REALLY need to clean out all my food cupboards too, as I swear they keep multiplying. In any case, camembert night sounds good!

  14. Your weekly plan sounds yum (and cheesy! I love cheese)

  15. Baked Camembert yum! I am so jealous, I doubt it is very slimming world friendly x

  16. Sounds a lovely plan! Enchiladas are one of my faves… x

  17. OOh the enchiladas sound YUMMY! x


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