Meal Planning Monday (26th January 2015)

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Good morning all! Is it a grey and miserable Monday where you are? Never fear, January is almost over.

I decided in bed last night, all of a sudden, that today would be the day I start a diet. Not great planning really considering I have a big lunch out planned today but can’t let that derail me so I am going with super healthy eating Monday-Friday with some treats at the weekend. I won’t worry about the odd stray from the path like todays lunch because that’s what life is about but I will generally make better choices, eat less and move more, and well if that doesn’t work then I am destined to be a bit podgy forever because I life is just too short to worry about it too much. I’m a size 10-12 so not doing too bad but as a shorty every extra pound shows!

Here’s my meal plan;

Grilled Thai salmon and vegetables
Chicken & oyster sauce stirfry
Prawn red Thai curry with rice
Jacket potato and salad (perhaps with some tuna)
Vegetable frittata and salad
Chunky vegetable soup (no bread for me!)

I’m not feeling too bad about it as that all looks pretty tasty doesn’t it?

Okay then, it’s now your turn. If you want a recap of where to find #mealplanningmonday all over your internet, the details are on this post.

The all-important instructions… If you’re new to my blog or #mealplanningmonday all you have to do is this – write a blog post about your meal plan for the week and submit the URL of your post using the Linkytools below. If you’ve not got a blog but want to join in, that’s fine – just leave a comment below telling us what you’re planning this week.  Any questions, just holler at me via email (in the contact page) or on Twitter @madamding.

I am going to work harder at getting round to comment on everyone who joins in and if you use the #mealplanningmonday hashtag on Twitter, I will share a selection each week.

I’ve still working hard to get more joiners and would like to get some more people talking about #mealplanningmonday and joining in during 2015 – all RT’s and shares on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, the dreaded Google+ etc would be greatly appreciated! The more the merrier and more inspiration for us all! Use the #mealplanningmonday tag on Twitter and I’ll share a random selection each week.

Have a great week everyone!

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16 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (26th January 2015)”

  1. Sounds delicious! I tried oyster sauce for the first time the other night – had beef in oyster sauce from the local Thai takeaway and it was absolutely gorgeous! I really need to start making soups – so warming and filling in this weather. Have a great week!

  2. Your meal plan looks great. I’m trying to be reasonably healthy too but ended up making pretzels at the weekend. Unfortunately they came out really well and lasted about 5 minutes!

  3. Thanks for organising the meal plan! And good luck with the diet – I tend to eat soup most days for lunch – keeps the weight down and means I can still have a proper dinner do I never feel deprived. What does everyone else do? hx

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