Our Walt Disney World trip – the Lows

So following on from my recent blog post covering THE HIGHS of our summer trip to Walt Disney World, today I am writing about the lows.  This bums me out somewhat as it’s never nice to write about the negatives but in the interest of balance…it’s not all complete perfection. Most are minor niggles and certainly did not detract from the amazingness of the place or the awesomeness of the holiday.

Again I realise that this post won’t be of much interest if you’re not interested in going to Walt Disney World so feel free to skip on by and ignore! As before, these are just my own personal thoughts, others will not agree and my trip was in no way sponsored or funded!


The one villain we got to see…but couldn’t meet.

Disney Villains Event – We were so excited to get tickets to this special one-off event at Hollywood Studios in August. It just so happened to be our last night in Florida so we stumped up the extra dollars for this ticketed event (approximately £170!) and looked forward to it with relish. Unfortunately it was a complete disaster. The parks were totally overcrowded, queues to meet characters were in excess of 2-3 hours, it was a good 30-40min wait for a drink and the special merchandise stand with limited edition items also had a 2-3 hour queue, even though the majority of stock had sold out by then. It was really disappointing but I am glad to say Disney knew this and refunded our money without question.

c/o disneyparks.disney.go.com
c/o disneyparks.disney.go.com

Be Our Guest lunch – We loved the new hottest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom for dinner, but for lunch it was a bit of a car crash. We had an ADR but they made us wait ages, we got in ordered our food and had a row with a very rude CM who wasn’t very clear at explaining things. The menu was extremely limited and I have a child who won’t eat food smothered in sauce. I KNOW that Disney are more than accommodating and asked if the turkey or whatever it was could come without gravy. After a lot of huffing and puffing and saying it couldn’t out came the chef who said it was no problem at all. Tsk. We then got something different to what we ordered once we’d fought to find a table but had lost the will to live let alone try and change it.

Wasps – Wasps weren’t generally a problem unless there was an outside drinks station nearby. This was a big problem at the pool at Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge, so much that we only went there once despite it having the better pool. Deal with the wasp issue Disney!

Beverage stations – Talking of beverage stations…what a hassle. The whole registering of the cups before allowing you to fill up your cup was tedious as sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. The buttons fell off the machines when you were finally filling up your cup and everyone was pushing and shoving.


Parades – I know the parades should be a high and they used to be but now? Not so much. They are so busy and crowded, obviously because it’s the main time to see lots of the characters together but to get a half-decent spot you have to have your bum on the kerb for a good 2 hours beforehand. Woe betide you if you have any body part sticking out of the rope or masking tape! Also there are no parades at Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom anymore which doesn’t help the crush at Magic Kingdom. The other parks parades were sorely missed this time.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train – I got up at 5am to book a FP for this. 5AM! and was it worth it? No! I don’t understand the hype around this ride at all. I’m pretty glad I never waited the 180min queuing times I witnessed. The ride was over in about a minute and was so slow. If you get a FP, great do it. If not – don’t waste precious park time queuing!

DSC07533 copy
The lonely towel animal

Towel animals – Okay this is a petty gripe but it’s still going down as a low. Two weeks in a deluxe resort with children and we got ONE towel animal. ONE! I know they’re not a given but when I first started going to Walt Disney World they were a regular occurrence. My children were really disappointed coming back to the room every day.

c/o https://www.undercovertourist.com/

Mobility scooters – I don’t want to talk too badly about people who use mobility scooters as some people genuinely need them and of course they should be able to BUT there is a whole section of society (and generally you’ll find them hanging around a Disney theme park) that, let’s just say, could probably get around just as well without them but insist on using them. This is never quite so annoying as when you have waited 30 mins for resort transportation and they whizz up, first on the bus, taking 10 family members on which more often than not can mean you have to wait for the next bus. It irks me. Actually maybe it’s the family members that irk me. They should have to wait in line like everyone else. Ooh I am so British.

DSC07562 copy
Downtown Disney

Construction – Everywhere! Disney isn’t about standing still. It will never be finished and you have to accept some disruption but I’ve never been faced with so much construction. The Polynesian, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom not to mention the disaster zone that is Downtown Disney at the moment. It seems like there is Disney hoarding everywhere and it was a bit of a shame. On the upside, this means that by the time we go back in a few years there will be lots of new things to look at!

c/o http://disney.wikia.com/
c/o http://disney.wikia.com/

Splash Mountain – I’m sticking this in as a low because some div decided to do something unmentionable (I have no idea what, because it was unmentionable) on our ride which meant we didn’t get our Memory Maker pictures after having queued for an hour to go on. The CMs didn’t know why but were insistent to start with that the photos would appear eventually and she was really quite rude about it – even when I was showing her that somebody else’s photos had appeared in my Memory Maker instead.  Generally CMs are the happiest people on earth, we’re at Disney after all, but somehow I did manage to find the two most grumpiest OAP cast members ever during my trip. Fortunately a Memory Maker CM appeared, after about 10 mins, and confirmed what had happened and walked us right back to the front of the ride for another ago.

So you seem, niggles but no real deal breakers – apart from the Disney Villains debacle, I wasn’t going to let that one slide!

Regardless Walt Disney World is still one of my favourite places to holiday and I can’t wait until we can afford to go back one day!

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my LOWS or what you would include in your own!

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14 Comments on “Our Walt Disney World trip – the Lows”

  1. we were there the last two weeks of July last year. It was my first time and I wasn’t put off at all by the construction areas. I think there will always be something going on to improve and change parks. I think my only low point was our waiter (CM) at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

    1. I think the thing with the construction was having been there twice before, it just seemed to be everywhere this time and certainly at Downtown Disney it just felt really cramped and kind of took away from the atmosphere. I also thought it was a shame that due to the construction at Animal Kingdom they had taken away the parade but I guess they need to make progress!

  2. I agree with the lows regarding the parades. We kept getting shoved forward then told off. Near our end of the visit they started taping off huge areas for fast passes plus only… and it remained empty while the rest of us was confined. We never had issues with wasps but we did visit in November.

    1. Parades were a huge pain in the bum. We never even saw the one at the Magic Kingdom in the end, because I just couldn’t be bothered to wait around.

  3. Me and my hubby went to Orlando on our honeymoon 12 years ago and we always said we’d return when we had kids. Our little boy is 2 now and I can’t wait to take him to WDW but its interesting to read about your low points. going to read about your high points now 🙂

  4. It’s always interesting to read other visitors highs and lows, and I can relate to the Disney Villains thing, which we were also at. We were very disappointed and complained about it. Disney refunded our ticket price which we were grateful of. I fully expected it to be busy on the night, but it was ridiculous – over crowded, queues for hours (my friend lined up for 3 hours to meet Maleficent!!) and the special merch selling out before we even got to the front of the line. You can read our highs and lows on my post here if you like x

    1. Disney Villains was dreadful, there was at least double the amount of people that should have been there for a special ticketed event. I was glad that Disney realised they’d muffed up and refunded people because it really was shocking!

  5. Just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog for a while and loving your posts – especially the meal planning Monday feature! I’ve just (today) started my own blog – so I’ll add to meal planning Monday soon!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading, am glad you like them! Good luck with your blog and I look forward to seeing you join in with Meal Planning Monday very soon!

  6. We were at Disney at the same time as you and also stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We were put off of the pool area because of the wasps, but we got talking to a couple of locals who told us they were honey bees and relatively harmless. Once the kids knew this they weren’t bothered about them at all!

    We did the Villains event too, it was crazy busy wasn’t it?! My little boy loved it though and said it was the best night of the holiday for him as he got to meet so many Star Wars characters, so that made it all worthwhile for us. I do think Disney needs to look at reducing the amount of people it allows in to one of these events, or at least put out more merchandise stands and food and drink stations.

    I didn’t mind the construction in the parks so much, but I didn’t enjoy Downtown at all. What a faff to get from the car park (the only time we drove, we had to park behind Cirque), all the way down to the Marketplace! I’ll be pleased to see that finished.

    We’re not Disneying this year, so it will be nice to visit again once a lot of the changes have been made.

    I really enjoyed reading your highs and lows – wasn’t the weather fantastic when we were there!

    Sam xx

    1. Ah bees were they?! I had one down my swimming costume at one point, there was a mad panic! The Villains event was an absolute nightmare, we met NO characters at all. Agree there should be less people, at about half as many! We’re not going back now until probably 2019 🙁 The weather was tremendous though I could barely bare to leave the air-conditioned restaurants by the end of the two weeks!

  7. Whenever we start getting ready to visit Disney, I get sooooo excited that I have to remind myself to get a grip on reality and remember that it won’t all be perfect. One spends so much money, that I suppose it’s almost reasonable to expect perfection. I hate it when we’ve queued up for a really long time only to have the ride (Test Track) break down for an undetermined amount of time, so they tell everyone to just leave and check back later. When we finally returned, it broke down again — with us on it! Then, we had to wait to be rescued, although it was rather interesting to walk along the track that you usually speed by.

    1. I know what you mean. You build it all up and expect it to be perfect. For the most part, it is. I think in the heat, with all the crowds it can get a bit stressful! I got annoyed after we queued for ages for Splash Mountain and they wouldn’t let us have our photo because someone else in the car had done something inappropriate. We had the Memory Maker so it should have been included and they were arguing for ages that it just wasn’t showing up. It was only when I got the Memory Maker girl involved that she double checked and said no, it had been restricted. They walked us to the front of the ride and we got straight back on so they fixed it for us which is the Disney magic!

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