5 Water Features to Add to a Home

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Water. One of the four elements and essential for life, water is a captivating enigma that draws the mind and soothes the soul. A placid lake, a bubbling brook, or a cascading waterfall casts a certain spell over one’s spirit. Since the dawn of civilisation, man has sought to incorporate such spellbinding magic within his own home.

Today adding a water feature to the backyard or garden is relatively easy. Only one’s imagination can limit the possibilities. Even self-contained table top water features for inside the home come in limitless styles and themes, just like their outdoor counterparts. The following are 5 water features to add to a home, beautifying the garden or patio.

Solar Powered Water Features

Harnessing free energy from the sun is not only an eco-friendly idea, it’s a smart one, too. They need no outside power source. Many solar water features come with LED lights; using stored energy collected from the solar panel, these water features create alluring ambiance for any garden during the night. Made from resin, rattan, or stainless steel, they are made to handle nature’s toughest weather, while maintaining their attractiveness. The savvy gardener or handy man wanting to build his own water feature might appreciate utilising a solar powered water pump. Many are available and are fairly inexpensive.

Raised Fish Ponds

Fish ponds complete any garden and add a source of serenity to the home. Raised fish pools are easy to assemble, and most come with built-in pumps, oxygenaters, and even lights. The biggest wooden kits hold up to 600 hundred gallons, perfect for larger fish like Koi. These kits are also easily converted to water fountain pools. What could be more relaxing than sitting right by the fountain?

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Step Water Features

Three, four, and five step waterfall features compliment any existing pond. Made from weather-proof stone effect resin, water step features are not only simple to install–just put it where you want it–but can actually be positioned to help aerate ponds. Natural, realistic effects create the illusion of actual stones to fool discerning eyes.

Stone Water Features

What could be more graceful than a real stone fountain or pool as the centrepiece of a garden or patio? Carved into different forms or configurations, ranging from spheres, cylinders, and squarish shapes, these water features are elegant and compelling. Varying in myriad shades and colours, grains and patterns in the stone are striking when wet or dry. Spherical stone pools glisten in the sun as water gently trickles downward, hugging the curvature of the feature.

Stainless Steel

Nothing catches the eye like the brilliant combination of shining metal and flowing water. Stainless steel water features come in a variety of contours and styles. Tubes, spheres, and cascading walls add a flare of class to any yard, garden, or patio. Highly polished, stainless steel mimics the dazzle of chrome, and will never rust.

These are just 5 water features to add to a home. OutdoorLivingUK has many more. Ask them about custom-made bespoke water features. They can help anyone create a unique, one of a kind water feature or pool. And everything they sell conforms to both European and International standards. All materials or sourced or harvested with the welfare of the environment in mind, so customers can be assured of high quality, earth friendly products. One of the largest online retailers, OutdoorLivingUk is the number one supplier of water features, garden furniture, gazebos, and more.

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2 Comments on “5 Water Features to Add to a Home”

  1. We are lucky enough to have a lake in our backyard. We have always thought it would be a good idea to put a fountain back there as well. I like the idea of a stone fountain. I think it would look really good. Especially because we can have the stone carved into almost any shape. I think it would be such a great addition to our yard. Thank you for your blog on fountains.

  2. It sounds like there are so many different options to pick from when it comes to water fountains. I think the best thing to do is to try and visualize them in my yard based on your pictures. Another thing I could do is go to a garden supplier and take some pictures to figure out which one matches the vibe of my yard. Thanks for all these great tips and ideas for water fountains!

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