Cocktail Love: Malibu


It’s been a while since I did a cocktail post but we all know I am a MASSIVE fan of a cocktail.  When I received an email this week sharing some Valentines-inspired Malibu I had to share.

Not because I have been paid because I haven’t – not in money OR Malibu but because I flipping love Malibu and all it’s coconuty goodness. It’s probably one of my favourite drinks. I have fond memories of sitting by the sea on a warm evening in Barbados with my Malibu and pineapple juice…oh take me back!

I’ve picked three of my favourite recipes to share with you here. I am definitely going to be trying these and adding them to my cocktail recipe book. (Yes I have a little book I write my favourite cocktail finds in…)

Malibu Bellini

Malibu Cosmo Island

Malibu Pine-berry

Let me know if you try any – they all sound delicious!

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