Five pocket-friendly spring spruce-up ideas for the home


It’s been a long cold winter, but thankfully spring is almost upon us and nothing warms our hearts like the first signs of sunshine. If, like many, the brighter lighter days have you itching to spruce up your house so, you’ll find these pocket-friendly ideas extremely handy.


Asides from freeing counter tops and surfaces from mess, de-cluttering the home will also help you to de-clutter your mind. Boxing up any unwanted toys, bags, books and clothes and taking them down to your local charity shop will not only make you feel good about yourself, but it will also prepare your home for any spring decorating ideas you have in mind.

Clean the windows

Your windows most likely haven’t been cleaned throughout the entire of winter – now is the time to change that. If you’re on a budget, instead of paying someone else to clean your windows – do it yourself.

A mixture consisting of one part distilled white vinegar and one part water makes a great homemade glass cleaner, simply pour the mixture into a reusable spray bottle and get to work. Cleaning your windows is an easy and effective way to brighten up your home.


Now that you have an abundance of clean, clutter-free surfaces at your disposable, it’s time to get creative with a few new accessories. The most simple and effective way to add colour to any room in the household is to invest in a beautiful bunch of colourful flowers. If you don’t have time to nip out to shops, have them delivered to your door with You’ll find a huge selection of spring flowers online including everything from scented blue posies and daffodils to orange tinged tulips and lilies.

Bring the outdoors in

There’s nothing like a bright, sun drenched house to put you in the mood for spring. Whether you have a herb garden on the kitchen windowsill, a few potted plants here and there or an abundance of floral displays arranged in various vases, adding greenery to your home will instantly bring the outdoors inside.


Before spring is in full swing, try to reorganise closets, boot rooms, kid’s bedrooms and any drawers or wardrobes that appear to be overflowing with clutter. It’s likely you’ll collect just as much clutter over the next few months, which means you’ll need to make some extra room.

Now that you have a few spring spruce-up tips to hand, it’s time to combine these with decorating ideas of you own. Before you know it, your home will ready to embrace the warm weather.

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  1. What good ideas, thanks for sharing 🙂 might try and start doing this over the next few weeks. Also, a herb garden – such a perfectly useful way to make inside feel more fresh. Now, keeping it alive is another story..xx

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