Meal Planning Monday (16th February 2015)

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Morning peeps!

How are you all today?

I could do ALL types of whinging and moaning today but I’m not going to. Instead I am just going to launch ahead with what’s on my meal plan this week!

This week we will be eating;

Spring Lamb Shepherds Pie
Spaghetti Tetrazzini
Fish Tikka Curry
Pancakes (obviously!)
Soup and homemade bread
Roast chicken and trimmings

I am dying for a roast and couldn’t be bothered to do it yesterday so given that it’s half-term I am going to make the most of it and make a nice big dinner one day this week. Soup will be a use-up of whatever is in the fridge I think!

Pancakes…do you do savoury? I can’t bring myself to have savoury pancakes, it’s sweet all the way. We’ll have a combo of toppings though. I’m a sugar and lemon girl, but we’ll also have chocolate sauce/Nutella with bananas and strawberries and Mr M likes jam. JAM? On a pancake? That’s nuts to me.

Okay then, it’s now your turn. If you want a recap of where to find #mealplanningmonday all over your internet, the details are on this post.

The all-important instructions… If you’re new to my blog or #mealplanningmonday all you have to do is this – write a blog post about your meal plan for the week and submit the URL of your post using the Linkytools below. If you’ve not got a blog but want to join in, that’s fine – just leave a comment below telling us what you’re planning this week.  Any questions, just holler at me via email (in the contact page) or on Twitter @madamding.

I am going to work harder at getting round to comment on everyone who joins in and if you use the #mealplanningmonday hashtag on Twitter, I will share a selection each week.

I’ve still working hard to get more joiners and would like to get some more people talking about #mealplanningmonday and joining in during 2015 – all RT’s and shares on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, the dreaded Google+ etc would be greatly appreciated! The more the merrier and more inspiration for us all! Use the #mealplanningmonday tag on Twitter and I’ll share a random selection each week.

Have a great week everyone!

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13 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (16th February 2015)”

  1. Ooh I love a savoury pancake…but not with the same batter, the pancake itself is different so that’s alright. I can’t imagine putting ham, cheese and egg on the same batter that you use for nutella and marshmallows 🙂 looks like an exciting menu, I’m intrigued by the Tettrazini! Hope you have a good week xx

  2. Hi lovely meal plan again! I’m trying savoury pancakes on Tuesday first time I’ve made them so not sure how they will turn out! T will be having sweet and we’re having some tonight too as The Hubs isn’t home tomorrow night.

  3. I have had savoury pancakes in a restaurant in France years ago and they were amazing, can’t quite bring myself to make them though! I’m a lemon and sugar all the way, although I never turn a nutella pancake down!

  4. I totally forgot about Pancake day! Doh! There’s going to be some reshuffling going on….I don’t think I’ve ever had savory pancakes….It’s always lemon and golden syrup on here x

  5. I used to go to a fabulous pancake place in London just round the corner from South Ken tube – anyone know it? Although they called them ‘crepes’ not pancakes! Helen x

  6. I love pancakes, both sweet and savoury. My favourite pancakes are American style and topped with maple syrup. My husband and the kids all like jam on their pancakes! Have a great week xx

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